Construction of Multi-Storied Apartment

Construction of Multi-Storied Apartment

Introduction In the heart of Thoppumpady, a bustling community in Kerala, a remarkable construction project took shape – the construction of a three-storied apartment with a plinth area of 129.80 square meters on the ground floor. This exceptional endeavour was commissioned for Mr Mohan Varghese, a visionary property owner with a commitment to quality and … Read more

Plastic Mesh Fencing Job

Plastic Mesh Fencing Project at KINFRA

Introduction In the heart of the KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad lies a site that recently underwent a remarkable transformation. What was once overgrown with trees and vegetation has now been given a new purpose, thanks to a dedicated team of workers. This article sheds light on the Plastic Mesh Fencing Project that took place just … Read more

Commercial Building Construction

Commercial Building Construction

Situated on Maulana Azad Road, directly opposite M.M. High School in Panayapally, this building stands as a testament to modern construction excellence. Let’s delve into the construction highlights and additional details of this impressive three-story structure: Construction Highlights: Additional Details: Project Timeline: Construction of this remarkable building commenced in June 2016, with the structural work … Read more

Jewelry and Bank Building Revamp

Jewelry and Bank Building Revamp KJASons®

Cyril’s Bankers and Jewelers, owned by Smt. Emmy Augustus is situated on Maulana Azad Road, right across from M.M. High School in Panayapally. The establishment recently underwent a significant renovation, transforming a three-story structure into a modern marvel of design and functionality. Structural Enhancements The renovation began with a comprehensive structural overhaul. The existing building, … Read more

Construction of 1st Floor of Existing Building

Construction of 1st Floor of Existing Building-

Introduction In the realm of construction projects, the successful completion of a job often reflects not only the dedication of those involved but also the quality of workmanship employed. Such is the case with the construction of the first floor of Building No: CC 15/60b, located at West Karuvelipady and owned by Pastor O. Thankachan. … Read more

Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial

Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial

Introduction A Comprehensive Overview of the Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial by KJASons® In the heart of Chellanam Panchayath, nestled along the Pandikudy Chellanam Road, stands a remarkable residential building—Mr. N. A. Danial’s vision was brought to life by the skilled hands of KJASons®. With Building Number 287 and Inward Number 1 … Read more

A Contemporary Retreat: Mr. Sunil Kumar’s Modern Residential Building by KJASons®

Sunil kumar 1

Introduction In the realm of modern architecture, KJASons® has etched its name by sculpting living spaces that blend innovation with tranquillity. One such masterpiece is the Residential Building for Mr. Sunil Kumar, a holiday home that seamlessly marries contemporary aesthetics with minimalism. With a focus on fresh materials, innovative forms, and a rich palette of … Read more

A Rural Retreat for Mr. Rufus

Residential Building For Mr.Rufus 1

Introduction Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Kochi, a serene 12-acre property sets the stage for a unique architectural endeavour – a 1560 sq. ft. contemporary residential masterpiece designed exclusively for Mr Rufus, an overseas resident hailing from the United States. This captivating house, tailored for a dual purpose – a vacation home and a … Read more

Contemporary Penthouse Design for Mr. Joseph

Contemporary Penthouse By KJASons®

Introduction In this article, we present the concept and construction highlights for a contemporary penthouse designed to meet the requirements of Mr. Joseph. Located in Trivandrum, this 2690 sq. ft. penthouse offers a modern and spacious living space, adhering to Vastu principles while ensuring ample natural light and ventilation. Contemporary Penthouse Design for Mr. Joseph … Read more