Floating Staircase


Floating Staircase, in contemporary interior design, floating staircases have emerged as iconic symbols of sophistication and modernity. Their sleek and minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any space while defying traditional structural norms. The Artistry of Floating Staircase: Floating staircases, or cantilevered stairs, are characterized by their seemingly weightless appearance as if the … Read more

Staircase Safety

Staircase Safety

Preventing staircase slips is essential for safety, especially in residential and commercial buildings where stairs are a common feature. Accidents on stairs can lead to serious injuries, so taking steps to minimize slip hazards is crucial.  Here are some effective measures to prevent staircase slips: Anti-Slip Materials Install anti-slip materials on the stair treads. These … Read more

Compact Staircase and Handrails Work

Compact Stair Works

Compact Staircase and Handrails Work, KJA & Sons has established an outstanding reputation in the realm of custom stair fabrication. If the conventional Kerala-style stair components fail to provide the visual impact you desire, we offer the option to craft entirely bespoke staircases for your home or office, tailored to your concept design. Whether you … Read more

Stainless Steel Staircase Handrail

Stainless Steel Staircase Handrail Designs KJASons®

At KJASons®, we take pride in creating stainless steel staircase handrails that reflect the unique character of each home and customer, transforming spaces into welcoming and functional areas. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards, workmanship, on-time project completion, and top-notch follow-up services sets us apart. Stainless Steel Staircase Handrail Designs in Kerala, India Setting Trends … Read more

Main Parts Of A Staircase

Main Parts Of A Staircase

Staircases are an unavoidable aspect of our daily lives. Not only do they enhance a home’s visual appeal, but they also serve as a functional means of moving from one floor to another. Staircases are the central axis of a home, requiring a delicate balance between welcoming aesthetics and practicality. The Anatomy of Staircases: Form … Read more

Glass Stairs with SS Hand Rails

Glass Wood Stairs

Glass Stairs with SS Hand Rails, Staircases are an integral part of any multi-story building, serving as both a functional means of vertical circulation and a design element that can greatly influence the overall aesthetic of a space. Glass Stair with SS Hand Rails Works: Combining Functionality and Elegance In recent years, glass stairworks have … Read more

Compact Staircase Designs

Compact Staircase Designs

In today’s world, where maximizing space is a priority, compact staircase designs are becoming increasingly popular. But their appeal goes beyond just square footage. These clever creations offer a multitude of benefits for homeowners and architects alike. Big Impact, Small Footprint: Firstly, compact stairs are lifesavers in small homes, studios, or lofts. Traditional staircases can … Read more

Checks Before Building a Staircase

Checks before building a Staircase

Checks Before Building a Staircase, The first and foremost thing is to decide the type of stair design depending on the available space and other factors. Following are the types of commonly used staircase designs. Material Choice Then when styling your handrails consider the length, shape, type and fixtures of the handrails. We can help … Read more