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Automated Water Tank Filling

Automated Water Tank Filling

Automated water tank filling systems are an innovative solution that can greatly simplify the process of maintaining a consistent water supply in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.  These systems are designed to monitor water levels in tanks and automatically refill them when needed, ensuring a steady supply of water without the need for manual … Read more

Home Entertainment System

Home entertainment system

Creating an ideal home entertainment system is a fantastic way to enjoy movies, music, and gaming from the comfort of your own home.  To make the most of your home entertainment setup, here are some valuable tips and suggestions. Choose the Right Display Sound System Matters Streaming Services Gaming Console or PC Universal Remote Control … Read more

Type of Gates Suitable for Automation

Type of Gates Automation

Automation of gates has become increasingly popular for enhancing security, convenience, and aesthetics in residential and commercial properties.  However, not all gates are suitable for automation. The type of gate you have or plan to install plays a crucial role in determining its compatibility with automation.  Here’s an overview of gate types suitable for automation, … Read more

Home Solar Electric System/Panels


Home solar electric systems, commonly known as solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) systems, have revolutionized the way we generate and consume electricity in our homes.  These systems harness the power of sunlight and convert it into clean, renewable energy. Here’s an overview of home solar electric systems and their benefits, with a mention of KJASons® … Read more

How To Design a CCTV System

Hoe To Design a CCTV Camera

Designing a CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) system requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure effective surveillance and security. Whether it’s for a residential property, business, or any other setting, here are some crucial points to remember while designing a CCTV system: Purpose and Objectives: Start by defining the purpose of your CCTV system. Are you … Read more

Right CCTV Camera For My Flat

Right CCTV Camera For My Flat

When it comes to selecting the right CCTV camera for your flat, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that you are making an informed choice. Importance of CCTV Camera The security of your home is paramount, and choosing the right camera can make a significant difference in enhancing your safety and peace … Read more

Planning Home Automation Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

Planning Home Automation Systems

Enhancing Lifestyle through Home Automation Home automation presents an exciting opportunity to enrich your lifestyle by enhancing comfort and convenience. These systems are known for their smart and efficient features, which can lead to significant energy bill savings. At KJA&Sons®, we have a wealth of experience in designing and installing home automation systems, making us … Read more

Automatic Pergola Roof Works

Automatic Pergola Roof Works

Outdoor spaces have become an extension of our living areas, providing a sanctuary for relaxation and entertainment. Automatic pergola roof systems have emerged as a sought-after solution, seamlessly combining functionality and elegance. In this article, we explore the world of automatic pergola roof works, highlighting KJASons as the premier company for the fabrication and installation … Read more

Why Home Automation is Important?

Why Home Automation Is Important

In the rapidly advancing technological landscape of today, home automation has emerged as a transformative force, redefining the way we interact with our living spaces. From controlling lights and thermostats with a simple voice command to remotely monitoring security cameras from a smartphone, the possibilities seem limitless. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the importance … Read more