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Automated Water Tank Filling

Automated Water Tank Filling

Automated water tank filling systems are an innovative solution that can greatly simplify the process of maintaining a consistent water supply in homes, commercial buildings, and industrial settings.  Design these systems to monitor water levels in tanks and automatically refill them, ensuring a steady water supply without manual intervention. Convenience and Efficiency Automated tank filling … Read more

Home Theatre System


Setting up a home theatre system requires careful planning and attention to detail to achieve the best audiovisual experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide on the proper method for setting up a home theatre system. What is the proper method for setting up a home theatre system Room Selection and Layout Audio and Video Components Speaker … Read more

Type of Gates Suitable for Automation

Type of Gates Automation

Type of Gates Suitable for Automation has become increasingly popular for enhancing security, convenience, and aesthetics in residential and commercial properties.  However, not all gates are suitable for automation. The type of gate you have or plan to install plays a crucial role in determining its compatibility with automation.  Here’s an overview of gate types … Read more

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches – COVID 19

How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches

Switches are among the most frequently used items in your home, yet they are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Clean and sanitized switches are crucial for preventing the spread of epidemics. Here, we will guide you on how to disinfect and sanitize your switches effectively. How to Disinfect and Sanitize Switches 1. Ensure … Read more

Planning Home Automation Systems: A Comprehensive Guide

Planning Home Automation Systems

Enhancing Lifestyle through Home Automation Planning Home Automation Systems: Home automation offers an exciting opportunity to enhance your lifestyle by improving comfort and convenience. These systems are known for their smart and efficient features, which can lead to significant energy bill savings. At KJA&Sons®, we have a wealth of experience in designing and installing home … Read more

Jewelry and Bank Building Revamp

Jewelry and Bank Building Revamp KJASons®

Jewelry and Bank Building Revamp, Cyril’s Bankers and Jewelers, owned by Smt. Emmy Augustus is situated on Maulana Azad Road, right across from M.M. High School in Panayapally. The establishment recently underwent a significant renovation, transforming a three-story structure into a modern marvel of design and functionality. Structural Enhancements The renovation began with a comprehensive … Read more

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions For Office & Home

Frameless glass partitions are a great way to create a beautiful office environment and bring a feeling of space and openness to office interiors. Glass walls create a continuous and transparent glass surface with provisions for sliding and hinged doors. We can screen print, sandblast, electrically dim, curve, colour, or digitally print our flexible glass … Read more

Architectural Drawings for Building Construction

Architectural Drawings for Building Construction

For the successful completion of any construction project, construction documents such as drawings, sketches, and plans are necessary.  Several different types of drawings could be used on your site. The perspectives of individual customers and buildings differ from building to building. Even the budget of the project can change the drawing requirements of the project. … Read more

Construction Process

Construction Process

The process of erecting structures on land is known as building construction. Before any construction can start or progress, the following pre-building procedures happen. The majority of the pre-construction work is being done by the architect, structural designer, and management staff. During the construction stages, competent engineers and supervisors are a must to ensure the quality … Read more