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What We Offer

We are more than just a construction company. We are a team of passionate individuals committed to turning dreams into reality.

Civil Contracting

Every project we undertake is not just another job for us; it is an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.


Construction projects can be overwhelming, but having a friendly and professional construction team makes it easier.

Design Consultation

With our keen eye for detail, creative vision, and vast knowledge of current trends, we can help you design any room.

Swimming Pool & Ponds

We specialize in the design & build of bio ponds and can create a custom solution for your needs. Once established bio ponds are relatively self-sufficient.

Handrails & M S Fabrication

With over 10 years of expertise under our belt, our company is well-equipped to assist you in building Stairs, handrails, Pergolas, Louvers, Gates, truss roofs etc.

Water Proofing

Creating and maintaining a healthy bio pond requires some effort, but the results can be both beautiful and functional.

M/s K.J.A & Sons, established in 2012, specializes in a range of construction services. These services include civil and commercial building construction, the creation of swimming pools, and Koi fish ponds, Truss Works, MS fabrication, and Stair handrail works in Steel.
KJA & Sons – Engineers and Contractors
H No: 15 / 68 ‘A’ , Kadaviparambil House
West Karuvelipady, Cochin
Ernakulam, Kerala – 682005
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No. We do not have any branches at this point in time.
Since 1983. We founded KJA & SONS in the year 2012.
Please read more about our organization here.
If the client is comfortable with our ideas and working style. We usually meet the client at the respective site.
We prefer calls on weekdays.
In case we were unable to respond to your calls kindly leave us a message. or mail us info@kjasons.com. We will get back to you at the earliest opportunity
It would be advisable to bring 
a) A Copy of the village sketch of the site.
b) Detailed brief/requirements for the project.
c) A few photographs or video clips of the site would be helpful too.
We can guide you to our projects that are under construction. But regarding our finished projects, we prefer to respect the client’s privacy and let you access only the documentation of the project (photographs or videos of our project available on the internet).
After the first discussion.
Yes. it is necessary to make an appointment in advance (by mail or phone) to meet us.
Yes. We do charge a nominal fee for our first site visit. + actual travel fare If the site is outside Ernakulam city limits.
Please refer to our services page on our website https://www.kjasons.com/services.html
1) Village Survey Sketch
2) Total Station (Digital) Survey in CAD/Dwg format. (We would give you instructions on points to be considered during the survey of your site)
3) Details of the site (we would give you a form which would have to be filled up by the client and returned to us)
4) A copy of the land deed document(s).
5) A copy of the Basic Tax Register (BTR from the village office) related to the survey number(s) of your site.
6) And, of course, detailed project requirements.
When clients contact us for their projects, and If the clients are comfortable with our ideas of architecture/design mentioned, we arrange a meeting at the client’s site.

After the site visit, we give them a list of points to be considered when they get the digital survey of the site done. ( This is to ensure that there isn’t any error regarding the site details.) Once the survey details are obtained we call the clients for a detailed discussion regarding the requirements of the project. During this discussion, we note down all details regarding the project. (This would be a session where we take the client through their requirements right from the entry gate to the backyard of their proposed project.)

As the next step, we sit with these requirements and prepare a core concept which would give direction to their project. Once a basic layout is ready, we call the clients for the next meeting, which would help us both finalise the design. If the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions it has been our experience that the clients approve what we show them at this stage.

As soon as the meeting is over we strengthen our design based on the outcome of the discussion. The next step is to finalise the project based on the final presentation. After which, we carry on with the detailed drawings for approval/construction.
Please contact us for the same.
No. As explained earlier, if the clients have communicated well during the first two sessions, it has been our experience that the clients approve of what we show them during the first stage itself.

When we detail their design, we work out several possibilities and ultimately show the clients what we think is best for them. If the clients have helped us understand them completely, we would be showing them what is best for their project.
Yes. The amount depends on the project.
We will send the fee statements to the prospective clients only.
Immediately after receiving the advance payment.
Yes. We Take up Turn-Key Design and Build projects.
Yes, we do timely visits at various stages (depending on the scheme chosen) to ensure that the construction is as per the finalised design.
Yes, we do.
Yes in some cases. But we prefer to start the project from scratch to ensure the best from us as Architects.
Yes in some cases or as per client requirements.
Our Mailing Address:

KJA & Sons – Engineers and Contractors
CC – 15/ 68 A, West Karuvelipady,
Kochi – 682005

Contact Numbers:

+91 9400726668, +91 9061226668, +91 9388604037

Write to us info@kjasons.com / projects@kjasons.com
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