From Ordinary to Extraordinary:



Building extensions are typically undertaken to meet specific needs, such as increasing living space in a home, adding more office space to a business, expanding storage capacity in a warehouse, or enhancing the functionality of a building.


Utilities and Services:

Extensions may require modifications or extensions of utilities such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and heating or cooling systems to accommodate the additional space.


Added Property Value:

Well-executed building extensions can often increase the overall value of a property, making them a strategic investment for homeowners and property investors.

Ways to Double Your Space:

Building an extension is not merely about adding square footage, but about enhancing the essence of your home – let every brick tell a story of growth and evolution.

Building an extension opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating unique and functional spaces that reflect your personal style and meet your specific needs

Whether you’re looking to create a cosy reading nook or a spacious entertainment area, get ready to discover how building an extension can transform your home into the perfect haven.

Planning Your Home Extension: A Step-by-Step Guide

Choosing the Right Building Materials for Your Extension.

Design Trends in Home Extensions: Making Your Space Modern.

Cost-Effective Home Extensions: Budget-Friendly Tips and Ideas

In the realm of extensions, innovation knows no bounds – transform your home into something truly extraordinary.

Building extensions are valuable solutions for adapting existing structures to changing needs and improving their functionality. Proper planning, design, and execution are essential to achieving a successful and functional building extension that enhances the overall utility and value of a property.

Eco Friendly Home Extensions

Eco-Friendly Home Extensions

Eco-friendly home extensions are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek sustainable and environmentally responsible ways to expand their living space.  These extensions are designed and constructed with a focus on reducing their environmental footprint, conserving resources, and promoting a healthier indoor living environment.  KJASons®, a prominent company in the construction and architectural industry, specializes in … Read more
Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

Benefits of Kitchen Extensions

Benefits of Kitchen Extensions, Kitchen extensions are a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their living space while adding value to their property.  These extensions offer a wide range of benefits, from providing more room for cooking and dining to creating a central hub for family activities.  KJASons®, a prominent company in the construction … Read more
Budget-Friendly Home Extensions

Budget-Friendly Home Extensions

Budget-friendly home extensions are a fantastic way to expand your living space and enhance your home without breaking the bank.  While large-scale extensions can be costly, there are several ways to achieve your desired extra space while keeping costs in check.  KJASons®, a prominent company in the construction and architectural industry, specializes in delivering cost-effective … Read more
Designing Your Dream Home Extension

Dream Home Extension

Designing your dream home extension is an exciting and creative process that allows you to tailor your living space to your unique needs and preferences.  Whether you’re looking to add more room for your growing family, a dedicated home office, a luxurious master suite, or any other functional space, careful planning and innovative design are … Read more
Types of Home Extensions

Types of Home Extensions

Home extensions come in various types, each catering to different needs and preferences.  Whether for a growing family, home office, or enhancing living space, understanding home extension types is crucial for informed decisions. KJASons® excels in designing and executing various home extensions, showcasing extensive experience in the construction and architectural industry. In this guide, we … Read more
Home Extension Planning

Home Extension Planning

Home extension planning is a critical aspect of expanding your living space while ensuring that the new addition seamlessly integrates with the existing structure.  It involves careful consideration of various factors, including the purpose of the extension, design elements, budget, legal requirements, and the selection of a reliable construction company.  KJASons®, a prominent company in … Read more