Glass Partitions

Frameless glass partitions are a great way to create a beautiful office environment and bring a feeling of space and openness to office interiors. Glass walls create a continuous and transparent glass surface with provisions for sliding and hinged doors.

Our flexible glass partitions can be screen printed, sandblasted, electrically dimmed, curved, coloured or digitally printed.

We can supply & fit throughout Kerala and can provide an instant price to your dimensions. The main areas of application of Glass partitions are office/conference rooms, Industrial/factory areas, Training and research facilities.

Glass Partitions For Office & Home

Our interior glass door solutions are perfect for allowing privacy when needed for consultations and exams, yet easily open to maximize space and natural lighting. We exercise great care to properly determine the acoustic performance of our products since many of the benefits of walls and floors with high STC ratings can be lost because of poor construction details or improper installation.

Glass Partitions For Office & Home

Our glass partitions and Glass wall systems come in a range of sleek designs and configurations so you can select the system that best matches your purpose and budget. Our interior glass door solutions are perfect for allowing privacy when needed for consultations and exams, yet easily open to maximize space and natural lighting.

Glass Partitions and Glass Doors in offices create an atmosphere of space, brightness and transparency. Our unique creations are innovations coupled with private office enclosures that lock create the perfect balance within any environment.

The variety of glass, frame finishes, and accessories provide our clients with simple, functional, and stylish choices to suit their specific needs. Allowing natural light to come in while stopping unwanted foot traffic in private work areas easily boosts morale and productivity.

Glass offers you limitless possibilities for the design of your rooms. It gives your partitions a high-quality appearance and creates bright, open spaces with its soundproofing properties it enables you to work undisturbed and in peace, which is an ideal condition for an office.

Flexibility is the hallmark of our glass office solutions, which is essential for easily re-purposing spaces as your business changes and grows.

Glass Partitions For Office & Home

Advantages of Glass Partitions in an Office.

Aesthetics and Looks:

Glass partition gives a professional look to any office, it will influence the overall aesthetics of the room. Improves the productivity and atmosphere of any workspace.

Designs & Textures:

Many Choices of glass partitions are available in the market to suit your workspace theme. Including screen printed, sandblasted, electrically dimming, curved, coloured or digital printed.


Glass Doors and Glass partitions can also be set up so that natural light is not blocked and this will save energy required for illuminating the Work Space.


Dividing a room using a glass partition is much cheaper than building traditional walls for separation.


The glass partition is usually installed to achieve transparency and complete sound privacy.

Optimize your space with our floor-to-ceiling or open-air office partitions. Contact us for more details.

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