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Crack Healing in Concrete Using Bacteria

Crack healing in concrete using bacteria.

Crack healing in concrete using bacteria is a fascinating and innovative approach to address one of the common challenges in construction – the development of cracks in concrete structures. Traditional concrete, although strong and durable, can still develop cracks over time due to various factors, including temperature changes and structural stress. Crack Healing Cracks can … Read more

Pile Foundation

How to determine a Pile foundation is need or not

A Pile Foundation supports structures in construction where shallow foundations like spread footings or slab foundations are unsuitable. It is essential when the load-bearing capacity of the soil near the surface is insufficient, or when the structure’s design necessitates transferring loads to deeper, more stable soil or bedrock layers. Deciding the necessity of a pile … Read more

Different Types of Piling

Different types of Piling

Piling is a crucial construction technique used to support and stabilize structures, especially in areas with challenging soil conditions or heavy loads. Different types of piling methods are employed based on the specific requirements of a project.  Here are some common types of piling: Driven Piles Driven piles are installed by forcefully driving them into … Read more

Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Portland Pozzolana Cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a type of hydraulic cement that combines Portland cement clinker with a pozzolanic material. Pozzolanic materials, containing silica and alumina, react with calcium hydroxide to form compounds with cementitious properties, natural or artificial. Portland Pozzolana Cement uses Adding pozzolanic materials to Portland cement enhances properties, making PPC a versatile and … Read more

Uses of River Sand and Sea Sand

Uses of River Sand and Sea Sand

River sand and sea sand are two types of natural sand resources that are widely used in various construction and industrial applications. Each type of sand has specific characteristics and uses based on its source and properties. River Sand Construction:  River sand is a primary component in the construction industry. People commonly use it in … Read more

AAC blocks and their Advantages?

What are AAC blocks and its Advantages?

AAC blocks and their Advantages?, AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks are a popular and innovative building material used in construction. They are made from a mixture of sand, cement, lime, and aluminium powder, which undergoes a chemical reaction when mixed with water and air. This reaction creates millions of tiny air bubbles within the material, … Read more

Construction Process

Construction Process

The process of erecting structures on land is known as building construction. Before any construction can start or progress, the following pre-building procedures happen. The majority of the pre-construction work is being done by the architect, structural designer, and management staff. During the construction stages, competent engineers and supervisors are a must to ensure the quality … Read more

Plumbing Contractors

Plumbing Contractors Plumbing & Renovations

KJASons® is a family-owned and operated business with over 45 years of experience in building construction, renovations and associated works. KJASons® with its years of experience in this area finds attractive, cost-effective solutions. We very well know what is important for a building renovation, besides purely technical renovation. There is always the demand for modernization … Read more

Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Eco-Friendly Construction Materials

Importance of Eco-Friendly Construction Materials In a world that is increasingly recognizing the urgency of addressing environmental concerns, the construction industry is stepping up its efforts to embrace sustainable practices. One of the key pillars of sustainable construction is the use of eco-friendly materials that minimize the negative impact on the environment. These materials, often … Read more

Construction of Residential Buildings

Construction of Residential Buildings

We can create and build visually pleasing clever designs for you using the latest technology. Our Homes provide improved accessibility & a better environment for you to live in.  Following are the basic building construction details of our building construction company KJA&Sons. Do consult with us for your construction needs we would love to hear … Read more