Compact Staircase and Handrails Work

Compact Staircase and Handrails Work, KJA & Sons has established an outstanding reputation in the realm of custom stair fabrication. If the conventional Kerala-style stair components fail to provide the visual impact you desire, we offer the option to craft entirely bespoke staircases for your home or office, tailored to your concept design.

Whether you wish to replace existing stairs or create an entirely new staircase, our expertise is at your service.

Custom Stair Fabrication Services

Expertise in Crafting Stunning Staircases and Handrails

Our proficiency extends to the creation of breathtaking staircases and handrails, utilizing a harmonious blend of wood, metal, or glass.

Section 1: The Essence of Stairs

Stairs, consisting of smooth vertical and horizontal surfaces, serve as structural elements connecting different levels or areas with varying elevations. The arrangement and geometric design of stairs depend on their functional purpose, the number of floors, and the available space for the staircase.

Section 2: Glass-Enhanced Staircases

A central function of stairs is facilitating movement between surfaces. This holds true for the mono-stringer staircase or center-stringer staircase. Depending on the design, mono-stringer stairs can become visually captivating works of art and architectural marvels.

Mono-stringer stairs employ a central structural element that allows for a multitude of creative visual possibilities. They make a bold structural statement, transforming into captivating focal points.

Compat Staircase With Glass & Wood

Section 3: Mono-Stringer Stairs Unveiled

Mono-stringer or centre-stringer staircases are open designs featuring a single supporting beam beneath the treads, typically positioned at the centre. Unlike traditional enclosed staircases, mono-stringer stairs offer more openness and less apparent structural elements, as the central stringer is concealed beneath the treads.

Section 4: Material Strength and Modern Innovation

Compared to traditional enclosed stairs, mono-stringer designs demand relatively robust materials to ensure structural integrity. This design has gained popularity in the 21st century, thanks to advancements in material technology that provide the necessary tensile strength.

Modern engineering methods and materials enable mono-stringer stairs to achieve longer spans. These designs rely on fabricated structural components like square-hollow-section (SHS) mild steel members, laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and laser-cut folded metal plates.

Section 5: Craftsmanship Excellence

Our products are exclusively crafted by skilled artisans and fabricators, adhering to our stringent quality standards. Staircase designs are categorized as either inner or outer stairs, based on their construction location and materials. When planning your staircase and handrails, you have a multitude of permutations and combinations to explore. Staircase handrails with glass are among our customers’ top choices.

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