New Residential Building Work in Aluva

This article highlights the construction of a two-story residential house in Aluva. We meticulously built the house, featuring 3 bedrooms and a study room, using interlock masonry blocks as the primary construction material. The planning process played a crucial role in reducing stress during construction and ensuring the final home met all of the client’s desires.

New Residential Building Work in Aluva

Detailed Planning for Cost Efficiency:

We made extensive engineering efforts to manage costs effectively. This encompassed the inclusion of a modular kitchen, interior design, and electrical, and plumbing works. We executed each task after carefully selecting details and employing quality craftsmanship, guaranteeing a smooth and cost-effective construction process.

Utilizing Classic Architecture and Contemporary Elements:

The design’s objective was to enhance the home’s classic architecture, introduce more natural light, and incorporate contemporary furnishings and accessories. We employed this approach to create a bright, well-ventilated, yet elegantly simple residence for a family of six on a seven-cent land.


  • The house boasts a multi-purpose hall and a children’s play area.
  • It includes a water treatment plant.
  • We prewired the property for future security systems and cameras.
  • The roof is prewired for potential solar panel installations.

Traditional Yet Modern:

While the home follows a traditional style in materials, roof pitches, and proportions, it boasts modern internal finishes, providing a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary elements.


  • Total Build Up area: 1532 Sqft.
  • Projected completion cost: Initially estimated at Rs 31.25 Lacs.
  • Actual cost for completion: The project was completed for Rs 32 Lacs.
New Residential Building Work At Aluva 12

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Our construction company, KJASons®, has undertaken this project as one of the latest endeavours. To learn more about our construction materials and processes, please connect with us. We specialize in building construction projects in and around Kerala and have a proven track record of excellence.

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