Building Construction and Renovation

Building Construction and Renovation This represents one of the latest endeavours undertaken by our esteemed building construction company.

It encompasses the comprehensive renovation and reconstruction of a residence located in Changanassery, spanning approximately 2000 square feet, with out the car porch area.

Building Construction and Renovation Work in Changanassery

At our core, we are deeply committed to delivering top-tier construction projects for our valued clients, and our passion for the craft shines through in every undertaking. We designed the proposed dwelling to accommodate a family of six, offering an array of modern amenities.

Main Highlights:

  1. Multi-Purpose Open Spaces: We designed open areas to serve multiple functions without unnecessary size.
  2. Expansive Outdoor Area: The landscaping extends to provide a spacious playground for children.
  3. Porch Vertical Garden: The porch area has been adorned with a flourishing vertical garden.
  4. Courtyard Oasis: An inner garden within the courtyard offers a serene setting with comfortable seating arrangements.
  5. Innovative Kitchen Design: The concept of a dual kitchen island adds both style and practicality.
  6. Elegant Stair Case: We skillfully crafted the staircase using a combination of MS, glass, and wood materials.
  7. Convenient Car Parking: An attached car parking facility enhances convenience and accessibility.

Renovation Details:

The renovation and rebuilding project in Changanassery was comprehensive in scope, encompassing the design and fabrication of wardrobes, dressing tables, glass partitions, Kota stone flooring, and the installation of a modular kitchen.

The total built up area now stands at 2300 square feet, with the car porch area. We estimated the projected completion cost at Rs 55 lakhs, but a final cost of 56.2 lakhs due to adjustments made in the design of the kitchen interiors and equipment.

Floor Plan:

Building Construction and Renovation

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Building Construction and Renovation

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