Renovation of a Residential Building

Renovation of a Residential Building, KJASons®, a name synonymous with quality and timeliness, recently completed an impressive project that exemplifies our commitment to excellence in home construction and renovation.

Project Overview: Remarkable Transformation by KJASons®

The undertaking involved structural changes and aesthetic enhancements, resulting in a complete transformation of the property. Here are the details of the work carried out by KJASons®.

Roof Replacement: The project began with demolishing the existing tiled roof and replacing it with a sturdy RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) roof. This crucial structural improvement ensures the long-term durability and stability of the building.

Bathroom Additions: They built brand-new ground floor bathrooms, enhancing functionality and providing modern amenities for the residents.

First Floor Construction: We expanded the living space by constructing the first floor with brick walls, lintels, sunshades, and RCC roof slabs. This addition significantly increased the property’s usable area.

Renovation of Residential Building Owned by Mr. VINOD K. J.

Stainless Steel Handrails: To ensure safety and aesthetics, they installed stainless steel handrails with stainless steel tubes and balls on the first-floor stairs and sitting-out portion.

These handrails offer a contemporary and sleek appearance while ensuring the security of the residents.

Staircase Upgrades: They demolished the existing RCC staircase from the outside and constructed a new one, connecting it to the dining room.

Additionally, they installed a new steel stair, enhancing accessibility by connecting the first floor to the roof slab.

Flooring Excellence:

They fitted the first-floor staircase and hall with high-quality vitrified tiles from Asian, meticulously smoothing the tile edges by grinding. A 10 cm skirting with vitrified tiles was also provided, adding a touch of sophistication.

Electrical and Plumbing Updates: A complete rewiring of the property was executed, utilizing first-class conduits. They replaced all electrical fittings with Havells products, ensuring safety and energy efficiency. Additionally, they installed new water tanks on the roof.

Interior and Exterior Finishing: Interior walls received two coats of emulsion paint after a primer , two coats of wall putty for a finish. They applied two coats of exterior emulsion paint over primer on the walls, ensuring long-lasting protection and aesthetics.

Tile Cladding and Pergola: They adorned the ground floor sit-out portion with ceramic tile cladding, extending to a height of 2.10 meters on both the walls and columns. Furthermore, they constructed a beautiful pergola with RCC beams and polycarbonate sheets on the first-floor sit-out portion, offering shade and style.

Exterior Tiling: They tastefully tiled the exterior work area and front sides with non-skid vitrified tiles, enhancing safety and visual appeal. They leveled and paved other areas for aesthetics.

In Conclusion

KJASons®’s meticulous attention to detail, commitment to quality, and adherence to project timelines have once again resulted in a remarkable transformation.

This project showcases their expertise in seamlessly blending structural upgrades with aesthetic enhancements, resulting in a property that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. With their dedication to excellence, KJASons® continues to be a leader in the field of home construction and renovation.