Renovation of Building

Renovation of Building, The Y’s Men’s Club Cochin, a historic two-story building, had long grappled with the challenges of its low-lying basement areas, which rendered it susceptible to flooding during monsoon rains and high tides.

Renovation of Y’s Men’s Club Cochin: A Remarkable Transformation by KJASons®

However, KJASons®’s diligent efforts transformed this structural adversity into an opportunity for renovation and rejuvenation.

The ambitious renovation project, initiated on December 17, 2014, and completed on March 11, 2015, stands as a testament to KJASons®’s commitment to delivering exceptional work within stipulated timelines.


Details of the Work Completed:

  • Raising the Ground Floor: To mitigate the recurrent flooding issues, they elevated the ground floor by 20 cm, using a mixture of building waste and compacted earth. Then, they overlaid it with a 10 cm thick layer of plain cement concrete. This strategic elevation not only addressed the flooding concern but also added structural stability to the building.
  • Revamped Ground Floor Rooms: The ground floor rooms underwent a significant transformation, featuring elegant vitrified tiles that added a touch of modern sophistication to the space. This upgrade enhanced both the aesthetics and functionality of the premises.
  • Exterior Enhancement: The rear and north sides of the building received a 15 mm thick cement mortar layer with a neat cement flushing coat (1:4 ratio), ensuring durability and weather resistance. The meticulous work on the exterior surfaces showcased KJASons®’s attention to detail.

Doors & Windows

  • Door and Window Renewal: The elevation of the floors necessitated the careful dismantling and reinstallation of all doors. The workers demolished old lintels and cast new ones in their place. They promptly replaced damaged windows with sleek and durable aluminium powder-coated windows. Both doors and windows received a finishing touch with two coats of enamel paint, adding vibrancy to the building’s facade.
  • Interior and Exterior Painting: The building got a new look with two coats of emulsion paint, inside and out.
  • Compound Wall and Gate Renovation: The boundary wall was repaired thoroughly as it was showing signs of wear and tear. The repair work included constructing new gate pillars with country-burnt bricks in a 1:6 ratio. These new pillars not only reinforced the boundary but also added an element of charm to it. A strong and sturdy mild steel gate was also installed with MS rectangular and square tubes. Crafted with care and coated in enamel for durability and visual appeal.
  • Modernized Toilets: New toilets were constructed and high-quality Cera fixtures were installed to improve user convenience, functionality, and aesthetics.
  • Compound Wall Beautification: The wall received two coats of exterior emulsion paint, providing a cohesive look.


In conclusion, the transformation of the Y’s Men’s Club Cochin is a shining example of KJASons®’s exceptional workmanship and commitment to delivering projects on time.

By addressing structural issues, enhancing aesthetics, and incorporating modern elements, KJASons® has not only preserved the building’s historical significance but also rejuvenated it to meet contemporary standards. Our work reflects their dedication to excellence and their ability to turn challenges into opportunities for remarkable transformations.