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Importance of Land Surveying

Importance of Land Surveying

Importance of Land Surveying is an indispensable practice that holds immense significance in various industries and sectors, shaping our modern world in numerous ways.  Precise Earth surface measurement and mapping provide crucial data for construction, infrastructure, real estate, and environmental preservation, aiding diverse sectors. KJASons®, prominent in construction and architecture, recognizes land surveying’s pivotal role, … Read more

Plastic Mesh Fencing Job

Plastic Mesh Fencing Project at KINFRA

In the heart of the KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad lies a site that recently underwent a remarkable transformation. A dedicated team of workers has given a new purpose to what was once overgrown with trees and vegetation. This article sheds light on the Plastic Mesh Fencing Project that took place just 10 kilometres away from … Read more