Plastic Mesh Fencing Job

In the heart of the KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad lies a site that recently underwent a remarkable transformation. A dedicated team of workers has given a new purpose to what was once overgrown with trees and vegetation.

This article sheds light on the Plastic Mesh Fencing Project that took place just 10 kilometres away from Muvattupuzha town, recounting the journey of uprooting, construction, and completion.

Transforming Boundaries:

The Plastic Mesh Fencing Project at KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad

Clearing the Path

The first step in this transformation was the uprooting of trees and vegetation that had claimed the site. This process, while necessary for the project’s commencement, also presented an opportunity to rejuvenate the area and pave the way for its new purpose.

The Foundation: Cement Blocks and Concrete Pillars

To lay the groundwork for the fencing, a sturdy foundation was crucial. Cement blocks were employed in conjunction with concrete pillars to create a strong and reliable base. This choice of materials ensures that the fencing not only serves its primary purpose but also endures the test of time.

The Role of Plastic Mesh

At the core of this project is the use of plastic mesh. A versatile and durable material, plastic mesh has proven itself as an ideal choice for fencing applications. Its flexibility, coupled with its ability to withstand environmental conditions, makes it a wise choice for projects such as this. Skilled workers can install plastic mesh swiftly and efficiently, offering a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

KINFRA’s Watchful Eye

Throughout the construction works, KINFRA staff played a vital role in monitoring the progress. Their presence ensured that the project adhered to established standards and guidelines, maintaining the high level of quality that KINFRA is known for.

A Swift Endeavor

Remarkably, the team completed the entire project, from site clearance to the final installation of the plastic mesh fencing, within just one week. This impressive timeline was made possible by the dedication and expertise of the team involved. Two skilled masons and three diligent helpers worked tirelessly to bring this project to fruition.


The Plastic Mesh Fencing Project at KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad, stands as a testament to effective collaboration and the transformative power of construction. By uprooting the past and replacing it with a robust, yet flexible, plastic mesh fence, this project not only defines boundaries but also paves the way for future endeavours within the industrial estate.

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