Contemporary Penthouse Design for Mr. Joseph

In this article, we present the concept and construction highlights for a Contemporary Penthouse Design for Mr. Joseph.

Located in Trivandrum, this 2690 sq. ft. penthouse offers a modern and spacious living space, adhering to Vastu principles while ensuring ample natural light and ventilation.

Contemporary Penthouse Design for Mr. Joseph

Design Concept

The primary objective for this project was to create a contemporary penthouse that features three bedrooms and a private family room.

The design prioritizes the infusion of natural light and fresh air throughout the space. To achieve this, we gave special attention to the following elements:

  1. Staircase Block: We strategically elevated the stair block to prevent the entry of hot air into the living areas.
  2. Air Vents: We incorporated air vents beneath the penthouse to facilitate constant air circulation, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.
  3. Vertical Garden: An attractive vertical garden to the open terrace, enhancing the overall aesthetics and contributing to the eco-friendliness of the design.
  4. Outdoor Seating: We added outdoor seating areas to maximize the use of available space, providing a serene environment for relaxation.
Contemporary Penthouse By KJASons®

Construction Highlights


The construction used a pile foundation, expertly plastering cement solid block masonry with cement for a durable finish.


The floor material chosen for the entire villa was vitrified tiles measuring 600×600, excluding the kitchen and work area, which featured vitrified tile floor of 400 x 400 size.

Designers crafted granite tops for the kitchen counters, complemented by a ceramic tile dado up to 2 feet. They also installed a single-bowl sink with a drain board.


For the bathrooms, both ceramic tile floor and wall tiles extending up to the ceiling were utilized. We installed wall-mounted sanitary wares from reputable brands like Parryware/Cera or equivalent, along with CP bath fittings from Cera/Hindware or equivalent.

We used concealed plumbing with PVC pipes and made provisions for geysers, hot and cold mixers with showers, and exhaust fans.


The electrical system comprises a 3-phase power supply with concealed wiring in PVC conduits, all controlled by ELCB and MCB for safety. We used modular switches from Legrand/Crabtree or equivalent, along with wiring cables from Finolex or equivalent.

Strategic placement of light and plugs: two lights, two plugs, and one fan point in living, bedroom, and dining rooms. Bathrooms have one light point each, and the kitchen features plug points for the fridge, washing machine, and mixer grinder.

Contemporary Penthouse By KJASons®
Doors & Windows

The main door, made of teak wood, measures 1 meter in width. We chose moulded panel doors for interior doors. Crafted from hardwood, the windows feature M.S. grills and glazed shutters. Fibre doors of varying widths (90 cm and 75 cm) were put for the toilets.


We painted internal walls and ceilings with paint, finishing them with putty for a polished look. External walls were protected with weather shields or equivalent paint for long-lasting durability.


Mr Joseph’s Trivandrum penthouse blends modern design and functionality, providing a comfortable living space aligned with Vastu guidelines.

The choice of materials and construction techniques employed in this project exemplify quality and durability.