Building Plan for Family House in 4 Cents

Building Plan for Family House in 4 Cents, The affordability of constructing these homes is attributed to their small size, resulting in reduced material requirements.

Affordable Building Plan for Family House in 4 Cents

Proposal Highlights

Section 1: Design and Features

  • Affordable Family Home on a 4-Cent Plot
  • The affordability of constructing this family home on a 4-cent plot is due to its small size, which necessitates less material.
  • Three Bedrooms with Two Living Spaces
  • A 3 BHK layout is featured, with a formal living area and an additional family living space provided upstairs.
  • Environmentally Friendly Water Heating
  • Solar-powered water heaters are incorporated to promote energy efficiency.

Section 2: Outdoor Amenities

  • Vertical Garden
  • A vertical garden is situated on the open terrace, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the home.
  • Outdoor Seating and Wooden Decking
  • Outdoor seating areas with wooden deckings are included, offering a comfortable space to relax.