Residential Building for Mr. K.J.James

This residential building in South Moolamkuzhi, Kochi, was constructed for Mr. K.J. James. It consists of a plinth area of 1100 sqft on the ground floor and 925 sqft on the 1st floor. KJA & Sons, a renowned civil building contractor in Kochi, Kerala, undertook the construction project. The project commenced on January 4, 2016, and was completed on July 30, 2016.

Residential Building for Mr. K.J. James

Details of the Work Performed:

  1. Foundation: We constructed the foundation of the building using an RCC Raft and Beam over a 10 cm thick layer of River sand with a 15 cm thick PCC mix of 1:3:6. We raised the ground level 15 cm above the road level.
  2. Basement: Construction workers built the basement walls using Random Rubble with a mix ratio of 1:5, reaching a height of 60 cm from the ground level.
  3. Lintel: RCC lintels, 10 cm thick, were installed around the basement.
  4. Superstructure: We used Country-burnt bricks in a mix ratio of 1:6 to construct walls on both the ground and 1st floors.
  5. Plastering: We plastered wall surfaces with a 15 cm thick layer using a mix ratio of 1:4 on both the interior and exterior.
  6. Stairs: We constructed RCC stairs using a mix ratio of 1:2:4 with 20 mm broken stone. We added polished stainless steel handrails to the stairs and balcony areas.
  7. Floorings: We laid 20 mm thick granite slabs on a 10 cm thick layer of PCC 1:3:6 with 40 mm broken stones.
  8. Staircase Finish: We finished the staircase by applying 15 mm thick Black Granite slabs using cement slurry. Additionally, we used vitrified tiles for skirtings, with a height of 10 cm.
  9. Interior Walls: We finished the interior walls by applying two coats of interior emulsion paint over a coat of interior primer, along with two coats of wall putty.
  10. Exterior Walls: We painted the exterior walls with two coats of exterior emulsion paint over a coat of exterior primer.
  11. Compound Wall: Workers constructed the compound wall using country-burnt bricks in a mix ratio of 1:5. They also plastered it with a 15 mm thick layer using a mix ratio of 1:4. Mild steel RHS square openings were provided in the compound wall. The painting crew applied two coats of exterior emulsion paint over a coat of exterior primer to the compound wall.
  12. Rainwater Harvesting: The design of the building incorporated a rainwater harvesting facility.

KJA & Sons skillfully executed this construction project, meeting high standards of quality and craftsmanship.