Building Plan for Family House with 3 Bedrooms

This article discusses an affordable Building Plan for a Family House with 3 Bedrooms, covering its features and design, which allows it to accommodate two individual families on separate floors.

Affordable Building Plan for Family House with 3 Bedrooms on 8 Cents:

Section 1: House Description

An affordable family house is situated on 8 cents of land and includes 3 bedrooms, a formal living area, a dining room, and a kitchen.

Section 2: Project Highlights
Building Plan for Family House

Parking is facilitated with the provision of a separate porch.

Modern amenities, along with a Hybrid solar power system and rainwater harvesting, have been incorporated.

The green roof has been installed both for aesthetic appeal and to mitigate heat.

The plan includes landscaping with lighting and provisions for a kitchen garden.

Section 3: Villa on 4 Cents

A villa is situated on 4 cents of land.

Building Plan for Family House
Section 4: Conclusion and Contact

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