Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial

A Comprehensive Overview of the Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial by KJASons®

Residential Building Construction In the heart of Chellanam Panchayath, nestled along the Pandikudy Chellanam Road, stands a remarkable residential building—Mr. N. A. Danial’s vision was brought to life by the skilled hands of KJASons®.

With Building Number 287 and Inward Number 1 in the annals of Chellanam Panchayath, this construction project showcases precision, durability, and meticulous attention to detail.

Construction and Specifications

Foundation and Ground Level

The foundation of this tower is a testament to structural integrity. Constructed with an RCC Raft and Beam, it rests upon a PCC (Plain Cement Concrete) base, measuring 15 cm thick, laid over a 10 cm thick bed of river sand. Thoughtfully elevating the ground level positions the structure 15 cm above the road level, ensuring both stability and aesthetic appeal.

Basement and Lintel

The basement boasts a Random Rubble design, with a 1:5 mix ratio, rising to a height of 60 cm from the ground level. To fortify this foundation further, an RCC lintel, 10 cm thick, encircles the basement, enhancing its structural robustness.

Superstructure and Wall Finish

The superstructure comprises country-burnt bricks, set in a 1:6 cement mixture on both the ground and first floors. Plaster the walls with a mix of 1 part cement to 4 parts water. Make the plaster 15 cm thick on both the inside and outside walls for a smooth, shiny finish.

Stairs and Handrails

RCC stairs, constructed with a 1:2:4 cement-to-sand-to-stone ratio and 20 mm broken stones, grace the drawing-room area. Stainless steel handrails, polished to perfection for both safety and elegance, adorn these stairs.

Flooring and Skirting

Flooring within the building is a testament to luxury and practicality, featuring granite slabs, 20 mm thick, set on a foundation of PCC 1:3:6, reinforced with 40 mm broken stones and a cement slurry. The staircase, meanwhile, enjoys a finishing touch of vitrified tiles, 15 mm thick, in a 1:4 cement mix. Skirtings, a key detail, are fashioned with vitrified tiles, extending to a height of 10 cm.

Interior and Exterior Finishes

The interior walls radiate with refinement, boasting two coats of interior emulsion paint over a base of interior primer, all skillfully enhanced with two coats of wall putty. Externally, the walls are a canvas for two coats of exterior emulsion paint, adorning an exterior primer coat.

Compound Wall and Arch

This project’s integral component, the compound wall, is constructed with PCC blocks in a 1:5 cement mixture and adorned with a 15 mm thick layer of plaster at 1:4.An elegant inverted arch bridges the pillars within the compound wall. To complete the picture, the entire compound wall receives two coats of exterior emulsion paint over an initial coat of exterior primer.

Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial


Mr. N. A. Danial’s residential building, brought to fruition by KJASons®, stands as a remarkable testament to construction excellence.

This edifice harmoniously combines durability, aesthetics, and modern design principles, resulting in a residence that encapsulates both functionality and elegance. For inquiries regarding costing and further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.