Building Construction and Renovation

Building Construction and Renovation

Building Construction and Renovation This represents one of the latest endeavours undertaken by our esteemed building construction company. It encompasses the comprehensive renovation and reconstruction of a residence located in Changanassery, spanning approximately 2000 square feet, with out the car porch area. Building Construction and Renovation Work in Changanassery At our core, we are deeply … Read more

Building Construction Maradu

Building Construction Maradu1

Nestled in the serene locale of Maradu, Ernakulam, Kerala, this exquisite two-story house offers not just a beautiful abode but also easy four-wheeler access and a generous 3.60 meters of road frontage. At Maradu Building Construction, we specialize in a wide range of civil and commercial building projects, from constructing swimming pools and Koi fish … Read more

Renovation of Residential Building

Renovation Projects By KJASons®

Renovation of Residential Building, KJASons® is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the field of building renovation and construction. A Remarkable Transformation: KJASons® Renovates Residential Building CC 14/187 Building No. CC 14/187, owned by Mr. O.J. Thomas in Chullickal, Kochi, was a project that required a complete overhaul. Consequently, under the skilled hands of … Read more

Residential House Conversion to Art Gallery

Renovation Projects By KJASons®

Residential House Conversion to Art Gallery, KJASons®, a renowned name in the world of interior design and construction, has once again showcased its expertise in a remarkable project. KJASons®: Transforming a Residential House into the Ledhi Restaurant cum Art Gallery KJASons®, a renowned name in the world of interior design and construction, has once again … Read more

Renovation of Fine Arts Society Building

Renovation Fine Arts Kochi 2

Renovation of Fine Arts Society Building, Nestled in the historic precincts of Fort Kochi, the Fine Arts Society Building stands as a testament to the architectural heritage of the region. Restoration and Revitalization: The Fine Arts Society Building This three-storeyed structure, with its ageing façade and dilapidated interiors, desperately needed rejuvenation. Consequently, KJASons® transitioned the … Read more

Renovation of Building

Y's Mens club of Cochin

Renovation of Building, The Y’s Men’s Club Cochin, a historic two-story building, had long grappled with the challenges of its low-lying basement areas, which rendered it susceptible to flooding during monsoon rains and high tides. Renovation of Y’s Men’s Club Cochin: A Remarkable Transformation by KJASons® However, KJASons®’s diligent efforts transformed this structural adversity into … Read more

Renovation of a Residential Building

Renovation Project

Renovation of a Residential Building, KJASons®, a name synonymous with quality and timeliness, recently completed an impressive project that exemplifies our commitment to excellence in home construction and renovation. Project Overview: Remarkable Transformation by KJASons® The project involved structural changes and aesthetic enhancements, resulting in a complete transformation of the property. Here are the details … Read more

Building Plan for Renovation

Building Plan for Renovation

A building plan for renovation is a comprehensive blueprint that outlines the scope, design, and execution of a renovation project. It serves as a crucial roadmap, detailing the changes and improvements to be made to an existing structure. This plan typically includes architectural drawings, structural changes, electrical and plumbing layouts, materials specifications, and a timeline … Read more

Building Construction & Renovation

Building Construction Renovation Work

Building Construction & Renovation, This represents one of our latest renovation projects undertaken by our building construction company. Specifically, it involves the partial reconstruction of a house located in Palluruthy, Kochi, encompassing an area totalling approximately 2000 sqft, which includes the car porch. Our experienced team will help you through the renovation process with less … Read more

What’s New at Telenova: A Complete Renovation

Renovation Telenova

What’s New at Telenova: A Complete Renovation, It was a fine morning on the 1st of June 2022, we visited the work site along with the Managing Director of M/ s Telenova Instruments and Machines. Our objective was to remodel the building without spending too much money. At the same time to transform the facility … Read more