What’s New at Telenova: A Complete Renovation

What’s New at Telenova: A Complete Renovation, It was a fine morning on the 1st of June 2022, we visited the work site along with the Managing Director of M/ s Telenova Instruments and Machines.

Our objective was to remodel the building without spending too much money. At the same time to transform the facility per the requirements of the customer, make it waterproof, durable, and relatively strong, for at least twenty-five years, and with an attractive appearance.

The building was in terrible shape. The exterior and interior walls on the ground floor of the facility were damp. We also noticed that the existing floor level was 15 cm below the ground level. That was the main reason for the leaking. As a result, the painting of walls and roof slabs was peeling off in several places.

Major Focus Areas

  • We have to dismantle, remove, and replace some of the wooden doors and windows with new ones. Additionally, we need to demolish some walls and construct others to meet the client’s requirements.
  • Tiles and the walls in the washrooms and bathrooms need thorough cleaning and acid washing. Waterproofing works on the ground floor have to be done with utmost priority.
  • The compound wall on the East, North and west sides was damaged beyond repairs and has to be rebuilt.
  • On the first floor, we found damp roof slabs, and we needed to plaster the cement on top of the roof slabs and sunshades. Additionally, we identified damaged wooden windows and ventilators, which we replaced with aluminium ones.

Main Highlights

  • All the fittings of wooden doors & windows were replaced with new ones.
  • We found that interior works such as office tables, cabins, shelves, and partitions needed repairs, so we repaired them with new veneer and mica.
  • We have to repaint the outside walls of the building with 2 coats of plastic emulsion over a coat of exterior primer.
  • We need to paint the inside walls with two coats of plastic emulsion over a coat of interior primer and a coat of wall putty.
  • Paint all the Wooden Doors, Windows and Ventilators with two coats of Enamel paint.
  • During the inspection, we also decided to provide tile cladding works for the show wall on the front side and to install G.I. tube pergola works for the front side of the office room.
  • We also decided to thoroughly check the electrical works and perform the necessary tasks based on the suggestions of the electrical engineer.

Renovation: Project Intro

Mr. Jayachandran Nair agreed to provide the necessary renovation and instructed him to commence and complete the work in 3 months.

Work began on the 7th of June itself. We prioritized the crack repair work and removed damaged cement plastering from the inside and outside walls of the building.
New plastering works done with cm 1:4, 15 mm thick floated hard and trowelled smooth. And finished with a neat cement flushing coat after leak-proofing works. The chemical used for leakproofing works was from Fosroc.

We provided concreting with PCC 1:1.5:3 for a thickness of 10 cm for the outside walls, extending to a depth of 60 cm from the ground level. We demolished brick walls and dismantled unwanted windows and ventilators. KJA & SONS constructed new walls with PCC blocks in a 1:6 ratio and plastered them 1:4 ratio, 15mm thick.

Work Done

Renovation removed the ceiling plastering and replaced it with 1:3 ratio plaster, 9mm thick, floated hard, and trowelled smooth, including a cement coat. We replaced all door and window fittings with new ones, including mortice locks for the doors.

New wooden Doors were provided with Anjili wood frames and Mahagony wood shutters. KJA & SONS installed electrical wiring on the ground floor using approved cables and replaced damaged windows with new aluminium ones. We also replaced all switches, distribution boards, main switches, etc., with newly approved quality fittings.

Installed new wiring in the office room and first-floor reception using approved cables and fittings as needed.

We checked plumbing and sanitary fittings and installed new pipes and fittings where necessary. We also inspected sewer and waste lines, replacing damaged pipes and fittings.

On the first floor, Vitrified Tiles were provided in all the Rooms and Bathrooms. Ceramic tiles were used as wall tiles in the Bathrooms.

Renovation: Exterior Works

GI Pergola provided in front of the office Room with 80 * 40mm RHS provided vertically with a 10 cm gap. We painted the pergola with 2 coats of grey enamel paint over a coat of epoxy primer.

We clad the front show wall with laterite cladding stone and painted it with 2 coats of French polish. All interior works, such as office tables, cabins, partitions and shelves were provided with new mica. We painted wooden doors and windows with 2 coats of enamel paint over a coat of wood primer.

External walls were painted with 2 coats of plastic Emulsion over a coat of Exterior primer. We painted the interior walls with 2 coats of plastic emulsion over a coat of interior primer.

We completed the entire work to the client’s satisfaction on September 9th, and we inaugurated the renovated building on September 21st, 2022.

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