How to Avoid Bad Odours From Koi Pond

How to Avoid Bad Odours From Koi PondMany individuals complain about foul odours coming from their ponds, especially during the summer months. There are a few factors that contribute to the foul pond odour.

Normally Koi Ponds would have a fully functional Bio-Mechanical filtration system that keeps the pond free from sludge and foul odours.

Your pond is a vast ecological environment in which many living things live together in harmony. Water, plant life, Koi fish, other aquatic species, and microorganisms are all part of it.

Over time pond sludge forms which is the result of fish waste, dead plants, grass, and leaves. Sludge settles to the bottom of the Koi Pond. The main source of your odour problem is the sludge layer. Bad odours can also be caused by several types of surface algae.

These are the few choices for managing your pond ecology.

Method I

Is to install a proper pond filtration system capable of maintaining the quality of pond water to the biological load. With over 10 years of experience in building Koi Ponds with supersized Koi fishes, we can recommend the ideal filter system for your pond.

Method II

Introduce a specialised bacteria pack with beneficiary bacteria that can eat and reduce the sludges at the pond bottom. Contact us with your generic pond water test report and we can supply you with a specific blend of beneficiary bacteria pack which can help you forget the pond odour problems.

Using natural bacteria to keep your pond ecologically balanced does not involve the use of power. In Addition to the bacteria pack you may also use pond dyes to control the growth of Algae and water sparkling. This will help keep it clean and odour-free.

Method III.

A deep water aeration system could be installed. Aeration systems can be costly and require a lot of energy to run. Alternatively, according to the size and biology of your pond, a water feature such as a waterfall shall be included in the pond design. So that the water remains enriched with oxygen.

How to Avoid Bad Odours From Koi Pond

Method IV.

Weed killers and chemicals-: There are chemicals containing copper sulphate in the market that can lower nitrogen, phosphorus, and sludge layer components. But these chemicals are harmful to the ecology of your pond. Especially to the Koi fish, accidental overdosage will lead to fatalities.

If you’re looking for a specific bacteria blend for your pond that’s simple to use, doesn’t require power and doesn’t hurt the environment, look no further give us a call.

What is the “denitrification” of a pond?

Denitrification is the term for the process of reducing the Nitrogen and phosphorus levels in ponds using specific breeds of bacteria. These bacteria will feed on the available nitrogen and phosphorus which are the nourishments that algae and other vegetative require for their growth.

This process will, in turn, reduce the sludge layer and digest it with time. This is how the beneficiary bacteria pack helps in removing bad pond odours in an eco-friendly way.