How to Design a Koi Fish Pond

Irrespective of the beauty of a Fishpond, if certain basics are not followed during the construction, you will face a lot of problems later on, as they are unique in themselves.

Effective Filtering:

Koi fish and other similar breeds grow very fast and produce a lot of waste and as such, they need to be supplied with good quality water, one needs to create a mechanism wherein the water is continuously being filtered.

Size and location of Pond:

Koi fish need a larger pond. The smallest koi pond should be constructed at least 3 feet deep, 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.

If larger the better, but preferably should not be larger than 21 ft. in length, 17 ft. in width and 6 ft. in depth. You may not be happy to see a few koi fish roaming around, and you may want to include a few more, so a larger pond is better.

But having said that too large a pond may make it difficult to clean and maintain, so don’t make it too large.

Location of Pond:

During summers, water can get hot, and so the little creatures need cool areas around Ideally under a natural shade. Additionally, you need to remember that, leaves would fall on the water, so you need to think of measures to clean them.

Construction Cost:

The cost of fish pond construction depends upon several factors, the first and most important being the cost of fish. Secondly, consider the building materials, the cost of stones or rocks, pump and filter, UV sterilizer, fittings and PVC pipes and labour cost.

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