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Water Quality in Ponds

Water Quality in Ponds

Maintaining good water quality in ponds is essential for the health of aquatic life, the overall aesthetics of the pond, and the success of aquatic ecosystems.  KJASons®, a prominent company with expertise in construction and environmental solutions, plays a vital role in ensuring that water quality in ponds is of the highest standard.  In this … Read more

Understanding Pond Chemicals

Understanding Pond Chemicals

Understanding pond chemicals and their types and uses is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.  KJASons®, a prominent company with expertise in various aspects of construction and environmental solutions, can provide valuable insights into the selection and application of pond chemicals.  In this comprehensive discussion, we will explore the different types of … Read more

Algae Overgrowth in Ponds

What causes algae overgrowth in ponds

Algae overgrowth in ponds is a common issue that can affect water quality, aesthetics, and the overall health of aquatic ecosystems.  Several factors contribute to the proliferation of algae in ponds, and understanding these causes is crucial for effective management.  Here are some key factors that lead to algae overgrowth: Excess Nutrients One of the … Read more

Use Of Ammonia Filters

Use Of Ammonia Filter in Aquariums and Ponds

The use of ammonia filters in aquariums and ponds is a crucial component of water quality management, particularly in aquatic environments that house fish and other aquatic organisms.  Ammonia is a natural byproduct of fish waste and uneaten food, and in elevated levels, it can be harmful to aquatic life.  Ammonia filters, also known as … Read more

Sand Suitable for Pond Bottom

Type of Sand suitable for pond Bottom

Selecting the right type of Sand Suitable for Pond Bottom of your pond is crucial to creating a stable and functional aquatic environment.  The choice of pond sand can impact water quality, plant growth, and the overall health of the pond.  Here are some considerations when determining the type of sand suitable for a pond … Read more

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds?

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds? Using vinegar in a koi pond is a topic of concern for many pond enthusiasts, and it’s essential to understand its potential impact on the pond’s ecosystem. Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds People often use vinegar as a household remedy for various purposes, but when considering koi ponds, … Read more

How many times can a Koi fish lay eggs?

How many times can a Koi fish lay eggs

Koi fish, known for their vibrant colours and elegance, are also fascinating in their reproductive behaviour. When it comes to the frequency of egg laying, it’s important to understand that koi fish are capable of reproducing multiple times throughout their lives.  Here’s some insight into how many times koi fish can lay eggs. Multiple Spawning … Read more

Japanese Koi Fishes

Japanese Koi Fish

Describing koi fishes in Japanese terminology can add a beautiful cultural dimension to appreciating these colourful and cherished aquatic creatures.  Here are some easy Japanese terms commonly used to describe koi. Koi Kohaku Taisho Sanke Showa Sanshoku Ogon Shusui Asagi Utsurimono Kuchibeni KJASons® Expertise If you have a passion for koi keeping and want to … Read more