Japanese Koi Fishes

Describing koi fishes in Japanese terminology can add a beautiful cultural dimension to appreciating these colourful and cherished aquatic creatures. 

Here are some easy Japanese terms commonly used to describe koi.


  • The word “koi” itself is the Japanese term for these ornamental carp. It represents not just the fish but also the entire cultural significance and appreciation associated with them.
  • Kohaku refers to koi with a white body and red markings. It’s one of the most classic and beloved koi varieties.
Taisho Sanke
  • Taisho Sanke koi have a white body like Kohaku but feature black markings in addition to the red. These markings create a beautiful tri-colour pattern.
Showa Sanshoku
  • Showa Sanshoku koi, known for their black bodies with white and red markings, often have a dramatic and striking appearance.
  • Ogon refers to koi with a solid metallic colour, typically gold or silver. They have a shimmering and reflective quality that catches the eye.
  • Shusui koi have a blue or greyish body with vibrant red-orange markings. Their scales resemble autumn water patterns.
  • Asagi koi are characterized by their blue or greyish bodies with a net-like pattern of scales on their dorsal areas. They often have bright red bellies.
  • Utsurimono koi have a black base with white, red, or yellow markings. Varieties include Shiro Utsuri (white and black), Hi Utsuri (red and black), and Ki Utsuri (yellow and black).
  • Kuchibeni koi are known for their distinctive red “lipstick” or “lipstick mark” on their mouths, which adds a touch of elegance to their appearance.
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Japanese Koi Fish

Understanding Japanese terminology for describing koi fish not only adds depth to your appreciation but also reflects the cultural significance and artistry associated with these beautiful creatures. 

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