High-Quality Koi Fish

We can provide you with high-quality Japanese Koi Fish and its Blood Line at a reasonable cost. We specialize in high-quality freshwater fishes namely Discus and Japanese Koi. 

KJA&SONS imports from Japan, Malaysia and from other countries around the world as per client request. Koi varieties are mostly distinguished by colouration, patterning, and by its scales.

We deal in popular varieties of Koi fish like Kohaku, Showa, Sanke, Kujaku, Tancho Sanke, Shusui, Shiro utsuri, Al Goromo, Yamabuki Ogon, Benigoi, Mizohu Ogon, Karashigoi, Hi Utsuri, Kin Matsuba, Asagi, Bekko, Ki- goi etc

Size of Koi Fishes

Interested? We offer high-quality jumbo Japanese Koi from top Koi farms in Japan at very reasonable prices. We also have a vast collection of high-quality pond-grade Koi fish which you can buy at an affordable cost.

We offer Koi fish from 12 – 16 inches or as requested, pre-treated for 100% healthy delivery with minimal DOA risk.

Our Koi fish maintain colour, health, and steady growth. Quality over quantity guides our belief in breeding and supplying.

KJA&SONS have many years of experience in supplying and giving technical support to our customers across India. We constantly get in touch with our clients and customers to know and monitor the packaging and shipment quality to make sure that you receive them in the best condition.

We also find time to collect valuable information about the colour, growth rate, food intake and health condition of our fish so that we can guide them accordingly to take proper action. While introducing the new fish to your existing pond always take necessary precautions.

Additional notes shall be also made and ensured that with respect to the addition of fish, the pond filters and pumps should be capable enough to handle the new filtration load.

Ordering KOI Fishes

In addition to Koi Fish Pond Construction & Koi Fish Supply, We at KJA & Sons specialize in civil & commercial building constructions, Swimming pool mep work including Pool filters, Steam, Sauna and spas, Filters and pumps for Koi Fish Pond, Landscaping, Stone Sculptures and Paving-stone works.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get further information and we will guide you in making your first order.