Pond Filters

Specific Surface Area of a Biofilter

What is the Specific Surface Area (SSA) of a Biofilter Media

The Specific Surface Area (SSA) of a pond biofilter media is a critical parameter that measures the amount of surface area available within the filter media for beneficial microorganisms to colonize and perform biological filtration. What is the Specific Surface Area of a Biofilter Media In pond filtration, the SSA is a key indicator of … Read more

Nitrogen Cycle in Pond Filtration

What is Nitrogen Cycle in Pond Filtration

The nitrogen cycle in pond filtration is a fundamental natural process that occurs in aquatic environments, including ponds, aquariums, and other water systems.  It plays a vital role in maintaining water quality and ensuring the health and well-being of aquatic life.  Understanding the nitrogen cycle is essential for effective pond management. The Nitrogen Cycle in … Read more

Pond Biological Filtration

What is Pond Biological Filteration

Pond biological filtration is a crucial element in maintaining water quality and a balanced ecosystem in ponds and other aquatic environments.  It relies on the power of beneficial microorganisms to break down and remove organic and inorganic pollutants from the water, promoting a healthy environment for aquatic life.  This process is essential for various pond … Read more

What is a Sieve filter?

What is a Sieve filter

A sieve filter is often denoted as a basic variation of the mechanical drum filter. It is a critical component of advanced water filtration systems used in various applications, including aquaculture, industrial processes, and water treatment.  Its primary function is to mechanically separate solid particles and debris from a liquid stream, making it an essential … Read more

3 Types Of Filters

3 Types Of Filters

Pond filters are essential for maintaining water quality in garden ponds, koi ponds, and other aquatic environments.  They help remove debris, excess nutrients, and harmful substances from the water, promoting a healthy and clear pond.  There are three main types of pond filters commonly used: Mechanical Filters Mechanical filters are designed to physically trap and … Read more

Cage Fish Farming

Comprehensive Guide to Cage Culture

Cage farming, also known as cage culture, has emerged as one of the most effective methods for cultivating fish in Kerala’s diverse water bodies, including ponds, rivers, lakes, and the sea. Unlike closed systems like recirculating aquaculture, cage culture allows fish to thrive in their natural environment while still benefiting from controlled conditions. Cage Fish … Read more

Multi Cyclone Filters For Koi Fish Ponds

Multi Cyclone Filters For Koi Fish Ponds

Multi-cyclone filters serve a crucial purpose in the separation of heavy substances from liquid mixtures. In the context of Koi fish ponds, these filters prove to be highly efficient at removing solid waste from the water. The operation of a multi-cyclone filter hinges on the principles of centrifugal water filtration, offering water savings and reduced … Read more

Koi Fish Pond Water Testing

Koi Fish Pond Water Testing

Maintaining a Koi fish pond is a rewarding endeavour, but it requires diligence and regular water testing to prevent potential issues. To ensure ideal conditions for your Koi fish, it’s crucial to perform various water quality tests at regular intervals. Here are some essential tests and recommended water quality standards to help you keep your … Read more

Koi Pond Filter Set Up @ Kaloor

Koi Fish Pond Koi Pond Set Up @ Kaloor KJASons®

Introduction: In the tranquil neighbourhood of Kaloor, Kerala, nestled close to the Bismi supermarket along the Kadavanthara Road, lies a picturesque Koi fish pond that’s a true labour of love. Creating a Stunning Koi Fish Pond in Kaloor: A Serene Oasis This remarkable aquatic haven not only showcases the beauty of these graceful Japanese Koi … Read more