How High-Density Fish Farming Saves Water

Save water by using high-density fish farming

Water scarcity is a global challenge that demands innovative approaches to conservation, especially in industries such as fish farming that greatly rely on this vital resource. High-density fish farming, complemented by advanced filtration systems like Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) and Rotating Drum Filters (RDF), emerges as a promising solution. Among the frontrunners in this sustainable … Read more

Main parts of the RAS System

Main parts of The RAS System

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems or RAS system represent a sustainable approach to fish farming that minimizes water usage and environmental impact while maximizing production efficiency. Within these systems, various components work in tandem to create a controlled aquatic environment conducive to the growth and health of fish species.  Diving deeper, let’s explore the key RAS components … Read more

Use of RDF Filter

Uses of RDF Filter

The RDF Filter is used in industrial and environmental technologies. It is a tried and tested solution with many applications in different industries. This article delves into the diverse uses of RDF and highlights how KJA and Sons, a prominent company, adopted and advanced this technology to address complex filtration challenges. Understanding RDF Technology: The … Read more

Cage Fish Farming

Comprehensive Guide to Cage Culture

Cage Fish Farming, also known as cage culture, has emerged as one of the most effective methods for cultivating fish in Kerala’s diverse water bodies, including ponds, rivers, lakes, and the sea. Unlike closed systems like recirculating aquaculture, cage culture allows fish to thrive in their natural environment while still benefiting from controlled conditions. Cage … Read more

RAS System – Low-Cost Fish Farming 

Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming

RAS System – Low-Cost Fish Farming, Aquaponics is a fascinating fusion of water, aquatic life, bacteria, nutrient dynamics, and vegetable plants that thrive harmoniously ecosystem. The design of an aquaponics system ingeniously blends the advantages of traditional aquaculture with those of hydroponic systems, eliminating their respective drawbacks. We are here to guide you in setting … Read more

Multi Cyclone Filters For Koi Fish Ponds

Multi Cyclone Filters For Koi Fish Ponds

Multi-cyclone filters serve a crucial purpose in the separation of heavy substances from liquid mixtures. In the context of Koi fish ponds, these filters prove to be highly efficient at removing solid waste from the water. A multi-cyclone filter operates on centrifugal water filtration principles, providing water savings and reduced maintenance requirements. These filters, lacking … Read more

How Does A Biofilter Work

How Does A Biofilter Work

How Does A Biofilter Work, Ensuring a thriving Koi fish pond relies heavily on the effectiveness of your biofiltration system. It’s crucial to assess whether the biological filtration in your pond is operating optimally before introducing any fish. This not only keeps your Koi fish healthy but also allows you to enjoy their presence day … Read more

Sieve Filters For Koi Fish Pond

Sieve Filters For Koi Fish Pond

The most important thing while designing the layout of the pond is the placement of filter components. The correct filter systems and their location are what guarantee optimal circulation and filtration. Sieve filters are a type of Mechanical filter that helps remove debris and waste from your pond. Our koi pond sieve filters will assist … Read more

Bakki Shower Filters for Koi Fish Ponds 

Bakki Shower Filters for Koi Fish Ponds

Bakki Shower Filters for Koi Fish Ponds are also commonly known as Trickle Filter. It is a modular trickle filter that is easy to install and can also be fitted in as an additional biological filter. The trickle filter mimics nature’s method of filtering water. Like that of a mountain stream with water cascading over … Read more