Sieve Filters For Koi Fish Pond

The most important thing while designing the layout of the pond is the placement of filter components. The correct filter systems and their location are what guarantee optimal circulation and filtration.

Sieve filters are a type of Mechanical filter that helps remove debris and waste from your pond. Our koi pond sieve filters will assist your pond well and help keep your beloved koi fish healthy and happy.

We can provide you with custom-built sieve filter solutions If you are serious about creating a professionally maintained pond. A well-designed and executed pond project will save on energy costs and also it is easy to maintain.

These combined results will give you a clear pond with excellent pond water quality. We can also design, build and install energy-efficient filter systems for your swimming pools.

What is a Sieve filter?

Sieve filters are flow-through filters that are popularly used as pre-filters in koi fish ponds, biological ponds and water gardens.

The principle behind a sieve filter is simplistic and efficient. The water from the bottom drain and skimmers is directed over a curved sieve. The sieve helps in separating the debris from the koi pond water as it flows through.

The prefiltered water from the sieve filter is directed to the main filter via the pump. Where further filtration takes place and water is ultimately returned to the pond.

Qualities of Sieve Filter

Sieve Filters For Koi Fish Pond
  • Low-maintenance and space-saving filter
  • Mechanical water treatment in garden ponds and natural swimming ponds.
  • Effective oxygen enrichment
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Reliably removes dirt particles> 300 μ.
  • Energy and water-saving.
  • Lower nitrate and phosphate levels as dirt and excrement from the pond water are immediately removed.

The sieve filter can be used to filter out a variety of debris according to the requirement. It is also very easy to change the sieves. in cases of Koi fish ponds normally sieves of 200 or 300 microns are used. i.e., 0.2 or 0.3 mm.

The sieve pre-filter is not self-cleaning, but it is very easy to maintain. By operating the provided slide valve the separated debris can be washed away quickly with minimal loss of water.

Various range of sieve filters is available with us for the before-mentioned as the CompactSieve, MidiSieve, SmartSieve and UltraSieve.

Can the Sieve filter be used as a stand-alone filter?

A sieve is a typical mechanical filter only, it has no biological filtration capability.

Sieve Filters For Koi Fish Pond

Should the Sieve filter need to be installed above the water level?

If the Sieve filter is installed on a gravity-fed system it will need to be in level with the waterline of the pond. If the Sieve filter is installed on a pump-fed system it will need to be above the waterline of the pond, if not it will overflow.

What kind of filters systems works best with the Sieve filter?

The Sieve filter is suitable for use with both pressurised filters such as the Oc -1 filters by Certikan, Aquabiomine or K1 MicroBead.

It works just fine with non-pressurised filters such as the Nexus and rotating Drum Filters (RDF). The Sieve filters can be used with most brands of the filter by following the installation procedure as outlined in the manual for the filter.

One of the real benefits of this filter is that the dirt is removed from the water straight away by the sieve. If an auto cleaning system can be integrated it will work just fine.

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