Koi Pond Construction

Understanding Pond Chemicals

Understanding Pond Chemicals

Understanding pond chemicals and their types and uses is essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced aquatic environment.  KJASons®, a prominent company with expertise in various aspects of construction and environmental solutions, can provide valuable insights into the selection and application of pond chemicals.  In this comprehensive discussion, we will explore the different types of … Read more

Sand Suitable for Pond Bottom

Type of Sand suitable for pond Bottom

Selecting the right type of Sand Suitable for Pond Bottom of your pond is crucial to creating a stable and functional aquatic environment.  The choice of pond sand can impact water quality, plant growth, and the overall health of the pond.  Here are some considerations when determining the type of sand suitable for a pond … Read more

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds?

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds

Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds? Using vinegar in a koi pond is a topic of concern for many pond enthusiasts, and it’s essential to understand its potential impact on the pond’s ecosystem. Is Vinegar Safe for Koi Ponds People often use vinegar as a household remedy for various purposes, but when considering koi ponds, … Read more

How many times can a Koi fish lay eggs?

How many times can a Koi fish lay eggs

Koi fish, known for their vibrant colours and elegance, are also fascinating in their reproductive behaviour. When it comes to the frequency of egg laying, it’s important to understand that koi fish are capable of reproducing multiple times throughout their lives.  Here’s some insight into how many times koi fish can lay eggs. Multiple Spawning … Read more

RAS System – Low-Cost Fish Farming 

Aquaponics System - Low-Cost Fish Farming

RAS System – Low-Cost Fish Farming, Aquaponics is a fascinating fusion of water, aquatic life, bacteria, nutrient dynamics, and vegetable plants that thrive harmoniously ecosystem. The design of an aquaponics system ingeniously blends the advantages of traditional aquaculture with those of hydroponic systems, eliminating their respective drawbacks. We are here to guide you in setting … Read more

Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services

Koi Fish Pond Pond Maintenance Service in Kerala

Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services, Koi fish ponds are a unique aquatic environment, distinct from swimming pools and other water bodies, and their upkeep demands a thoughtful design encompassing elements like skimmers, and bottom and side drains. Typically, Koi ponds are constructed using a reinforced concrete shell Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services in Kerala Over … Read more

Plants Toxic to Koi Fishes 

Plants Toxic to Koi Fishes

A picturesque Koi fish pond surrounded by lush greenery is a vision that captivates many enthusiasts. The garden that encircles a Koi pond adds to its allure. However, exercising caution in selecting the right plants for your pond-side oasis is essential. Avoiding Harm: Identifying Toxic Plants for Your Koi Pond Plants that may appear harmless … Read more

Koi Fish Growth Facts

Koi Fish Growth Facts Koi Pond

Koi Fish Growth Facts, The growth of a Koi fish is a fascinating process, influenced by several critical factors. they will continue to grow until they reach their genetically predetermined size, but the rate of growth is subject to various elements, including pond size, overall health, feed quality, water temperature, and water quality. Koi Fish … Read more

Koi Fish Pond at Calicut 

Koi Fish Pond at Calicut

Nestled within a residence on Mavoor Road in Calicut, Kerala, lies a stunning Koi fish pond. This aquatic haven boasts an advanced filtration system with automatic backwash capabilities, ensuring pristine water conditions at all times. Its distinction lies in the bio-reactor chamber, efficiently processing excess nutrients produced by the Koi fish in the pond. Koi … Read more

Koi Pond Designing 

Koi Pond Designing

When it comes to a well-functioning koi pond design, there is a big concern today. The issue is that few individuals can agree on what makes an appropriate koi pond design. We can assist you in implementing a sustainable filtration system for your pond using some of our custom-designed filters. The majority of people who … Read more