Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services

Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services, Koi fish ponds are a unique aquatic environment, distinct from swimming pools and other water bodies, and their upkeep demands a thoughtful design encompassing elements like skimmers, and bottom and side drains. Typically, Koi ponds are constructed using a reinforced concrete shell

Koi Fish Pond Maintenance Services in Kerala

Over the past six years, the dedicated team at KJA & Sons has successfully crafted numerous Koi fish ponds, water features, and water bodies. Our expert technicians, equipped with an extensive background in pond water filtration, can clean and maintain various fish ponds and water features, restoring them to their original splendour.

Our clients highly seek our maintenance and cleaning services, and we offer a range of services to meet their needs. Many of our clients return year after year to have their ponds and water features professionally cleaned and maintained.

Our services include:

  1. Pond, Water Body, and Interior Cleaning
  2. Water Filter Inspection and Cleaning
  3. Plumbing and Pump Room Maintenance
  4. UV Water Filter Inspection and Cleaning
  5. Biofilter Cleaning and Addition of New Media
  6. Emergency Touch-Up Maintenance Service

Regular cleaning of your Koi pond or water features, at least annually, ensures they function optimally while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. For Koi fish ponds, clean the biofilters every six months, test the water quality monthly, and inspect, clean, and repair the drainage and plumbing system as needed.

Our skilled technicians arrive fully equipped with the necessary tools and test kits to ensure your pond or water feature is in prime condition. Ponds and water bodies without proper filtration require more frequent cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining a water feature offers ecological benefits and enhances its visual appeal. The KJA & Sons team comprises professionals who can clean, assess, and educate you about your system.

Having a qualified pond professional assess your setup and provide guidance can prevent future issues and downtime. The type of filtration systems in use closely links to pond maintenance.

Recognizing that every pond is unique, our extensive knowledge allows us to make informed decisions, ensuring effective problem-solving at each new pond site.

If you’re purchasing a new home with a water feature or have recently acquired one, let us know. We can provide invaluable assistance. The KJA & Sons Pond team has a systematic approach to help homeowners understand their newly acquired ponds.

In any maintenance project, the initial step involves inspecting the water feature, pump rooms, and, if present, biofilters. Carefully capture aquatic life using suitable net gear and place them in a spare or quarantine tank for examination. Inspect fish for diseases or injuries before reintroducing them to the cleaned pond or water body.

Once aquatic life is removed, the pond or water body is drained. We recommend that a representative from the property owner’s side be present to assess the condition of the pond and its equipment.

Thoroughly clean and inspect the inner walls, skimmers, plumbing, bottom, and drains for cracks or leaks after completely draining the pond. Check, clean, and replace fittings inside the pond if necessary. Inspect and replace electrical wiring and lights inside the pond as needed.

Koi Fish Pond Pond Maintenance Service in Kerala

Inspect and clean or replace main pumps and filters as necessary in the pump room. Empty biofilter chambers, remove sludge, and thoroughly clean bio media. Additional media is added if required.

After cleaning, let the pond air dry; then, reapply epoxy coatings or refill it with fresh water. A pond starter is introduced to eliminate contaminants and kickstart the biofilters.

Return the fish to the pond safely once you deem the water quality satisfactory.

Maintaining a clean pond with efficient recirculation, aeration, and filtration systems ensures the fish and the pond’s owners are happy.

Choose KJA & Sons Pond services for professional pond maintenance and cleaning. Contact us to inquire about the cost of pond cleaning services.