Black Granite Sculpture

Black granite sculptures and granite fountains find their place in various settings, whether it’s a patio, deck, entryway, or indoor space. These exquisite, handcrafted masterpieces are often set atop bronze, granite, or copper reservoirs that house concealed pumps, ensuring a continuous flow of water over or around the granite sculpture.

Our selection of natural stone water features and statues consists of exquisitely hand-carved granite pieces that bring peace and delight to homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and showrooms alike.

Water bodies have forever been a wellspring of inspiration, and we seamlessly merge water with stone to create living works of art. The interplay of movement, sound, and light gives birth to sculptures that are in constant flux.

The union of water and stone, an age-old tradition, is revered for its inherent elegance. As water cascades over the stone, it not only transforms the environment but also beckons birds and butterflies while serenading with its soothing sounds.

Black Granite Sculptures: Elegance in Stone and Water

In contemporary outdoor and garden sculptures, stone takes centre stage, always in contact with the fluid element. The presence of copper or bronze water holes enhances the aesthetic appeal of these modern sculptures. The juxtaposition of metal’s clean lines against the abstract stone water sculpture creates a remarkable contrast.

Our range includes sculptures of various sizes, with some reaching huge proportions, and weighing several tons. Installing these larger pieces often necessitates the use of cranes and forklifts, along with concrete footings and engineering support. We’ve graced diverse settings with our sculptures, from churches, hotels, spas, and resorts to various businesses and private homes.

For those seeking paintings that align with their specific needs, space, and style, our art advisors are at your service. Granite statues epitomize beauty, adornment, permanence, and purity, serving as a wellspring of inspiration for our artists.

Granite stone statues are the culmination of our artists’ imagination, dedication, and experimentation with materials, bridging the gap between time-honoured traditions and innovative creations.

Explore the following textures and finishes in our collection:

  1. Natural Finish: Revealing the natural textures and grains along the cleavage lines, providing an genuinecharacter and appearance.
  2. Semi-Smooth Finish: Achieving a non-reflective surface by grinding the granite with high-grit material, creating a uniform and very smooth finish ideal for walking surfaces, wall panels, table tops, and residential flooring.
  3. Polished Finish: Unveiling brilliant grains and natural colours through a polished surface, suitable for reception areas, statues, sculptures, countertops, table tops, and interior or exterior pavings.
  4. Coarse-Grained Finish: A coarsely polished, semi-smooth regular finish, perfect for gate entries, patios, landscape design applications, and wall panels.

Order Information:

We want to let you know that the prices we quoted don’t include packing and shipping costs. Unfortunately, online ordering isn’t available. To find out about prices, payment methods, and shipping, please get in touch with KJA&Sons or our Channel Partners.

Due to the handmade nature of our granite items, slight variations in size and design may occur. These unique distinctions enhance the essence and beauty of each piece. All items are subject to availability, and items not in stock will require a minimum of one month for delivery.

For bulk and repeat orders, discounts are available. Feel free to reach out to us for further information. Please be aware that KJA&Sons reserves the right to suspend any design without prior notice.