Natural Stone Planter Boxes

Planter boxes serve as eco-friendly vessels for promoting plants, crafted from materials like stone and wood.

At KJAsons®, we excel in the production of natural stone planter boxes, natural stone flower beds, and garden pots.

These garden pots, also known as planters, can make indoor and outdoor spaces more beautiful. They can improve interior design and enhance outdoor landscapes.

Our extensive selection of natural stone planter boxes offers a surplus of options to cater to your garden design preferences, aligning with your unique personality. Furthermore, in addition to our natural stone choices, we offer a diverse choice of terracotta, ceramic, plastic, and FRP planter boxes.

Natural Stone Planter Boxes

With our versatile containers, you can grow plants under various conditions, making them ideal for creating private outdoor spaces adorned with lush leafage in public areas. Each planter boasts a smooth, dark, glossy finish that exudes a sense of prestige, making it a perfect fit for homes, resorts, hotels, and office buildings.

Our range includes extra-large garden pots, large garden planters, and customizable stone pots that are often chosen for commercial development projects and public spaces. Crafted from robust natural stone, our planter boxes are built to be heavy, sturdy, and durable.

They are less prone to capsizing in windy conditions or being knocked over by playful children or pets. The sturdy planter boxes stop big roots from causing harm, and their consistency keeps soil temperatures steady. For indoor use, we offer stone planters as well.

Types of Stone Planters:

  1. Granite Planters:
    Granite planters are well-known for their toughness, strength, and durability. These impermeable and impact-resistant planters are perfect for displays and planting areas in public spaces. The saleable-grade natural stone granite ensures these planters can fight vigorous root growth without cracking.
  2. Slate Planters:
    Slate planters provide a touch of natural beauty to any landscape. Comprising sedimentary layers, slate comes in various soft colours to suit your tastes. Like granite planter boxes, slate planters are durable and robust, making them right for home projects and commercial use.

To ensure longevity, it’s advisable to apply a waterproofing coating or membrane to the entire interior of the planter box, with an upturn along the top edge.

We can make custom-sized granite garden pots and planters in 20 days. For specific needs, larger sizes can be custom-ordered.

Order Information:

Please note that quoted prices, however, do not include packing and shipping costs to your destination. At present, online ordering is unavailable. For exact information on prices, payment methods, and shipping costs to your destination, kindly contact KJA&Sons® or our channel partners.

We hand-carve all our granite items, so they may vary slightly in size and design. These divergences add to the originality and beauty of each piece. Availability of items is subject to stock levels, and items not in stock may require a minimum of one month for delivery.

Discounts are only available for bulk and repeat orders; moreover, feel free to reach out to us for further details. KJA&Sons reserves the right to discontinue any design without prior notice.