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At our core, we hold the belief that the possibilities of creating with stone are boundless. Stone sculptures, name boards, grill works, garden sculptures, decorative murals, and stone handicrafts are just a glimpse of the artistic marvels that we can craft from this enduring material.

Leveraging our profound expertise in this domain, we offer top-notch stone carving services at remarkably affordable rates.

Stone Carvings and Sculptures: Turning Imagination into Reality

Stone handicrafts find multifarious applications, as they can be shaped into various decorative forms, coming in a spectrum of hues, styles, and sizes. These artful creations grace homes, artificial ponds, fountains, upscale lounges, open-air theatres, aquariums, parks, outhouses, interiors, exteriors, and gardens alike.

Each of our carved stone creations is meticulously crafted by hand, employing the finest materials or the specific stone type of your choice. With over a decade of experience, we have been crafting bespoke stone masterpieces that epitomize luxury home décor.

Our creations are available for immediate purchase or can be tailor-made to your specifications. An array of finishes, including polished, honed, natural, bush-hammered, and sandblasted, can be provided upon request.

Our artisans are adept at shaping contemporary and traditional designs from a variety of natural stones, such as marble, granite, sandstone, slate, limestone, and quartzite. Recognizing that each stone possesses unique character and properties, we welcome and embrace the natural variations that arise.

Enhance the allure of your garden with our wide selection of decorative stone animals. These exquisite pieces not only exude quality but also play a pivotal role in hardscaping, enriching your outdoor living space with character, functionality, and beauty.

Our expertise extends beyond the ordinary, as we are frequently called upon to craft sculptures for site-specific spaces. Whether it’s an outdoor landscape, an entryway, or an interior setting in your home or workplace, we relish new challenges. From conceptual design to order fulfilment, logistics, and installation coordination, we handle every aspect, including the heavy lifting.

Our sculptures beckon a personal connection, engaging all the senses for a deeper appreciation of art. For inquiries or to discuss your project, please feel free to reach out to us at +91-9400726668 or via email at We are here to assist you in any way possible.

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Stone Carvings Sculptures

Please note that prices quoted do not include packing and shipping costs to your destination. Online ordering is currently unavailable. To obtain comprehensive details regarding prices, payment methods, and shipping expenses to your location, kindly get in touch with KJA&Sons® or our channel partners.

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