Algae Controller

Alga Control in Swimming Pool

Salt Chlorination System For Alga Control in Swimming Pool

A salt chlorination system is a popular and effective method for controlling algae in swimming pools while also providing a reliable means of sanitizing the water.  This system utilizes a salt cell or generator to convert salt (sodium chloride) into chlorine through a process known as electrolysis.  The generated chlorine acts as a sanitiser, effectively … Read more

Algae Overgrowth in Ponds

What causes algae overgrowth in ponds

Algae overgrowth in ponds is a common issue that can affect water quality, aesthetics, and the overall health of aquatic ecosystems.  Several factors contribute to the proliferation of algae in ponds, and understanding these causes is crucial for effective management.  Here are some key factors that lead to algae overgrowth: Excess Nutrients One of the … Read more

How To Control String Algae Growth In Koi Fish Ponds

How To Control String Algae Growth In Koi Fish Ponds

String algae, resembling green strands of hair, can be a nuisance in koi fish ponds, especially during the summer months or when excessive sunlight reaches the pond. String algae growth is influenced by a complex interplay of factors, including nutrient composition, mineral content, sunlight intensity and duration, oxygen levels, water temperature, and changing weather conditions. … Read more

Pond Algae Controller

Pond Algae Controller

Pond algae can present several aesthetic and ecological concerns for homeowners. The presence of algae is natural in some ponds, but excessive growth can cause water clarity to decrease, reduce fertility levels, and emit an unpleasant odour. There are many methods for controlling pond algae. Some options include using chemicals or filters, while others focus … Read more

How to Remove Pond Algae Using Hydrogen Peroxide?

Remove Pond Algae Using Hydrogen Peroxide

The problem with algae is that it can quickly add to the number of nutrients in a water system, making it difficult for other aquatic creatures to survive. Algae can also cause a brownish tint to water and a fishy smell. Here are some tips for clearing pond water with hydrogen peroxide. What is Hydrogen … Read more