Koi Pond Consultation

If you want to have a water body installed on your property, we can assist you in many ways. We’re all about providing pond design, pond care, and pond construction.

We will provide you with the essential information, education, and motivation to create and manage a koi pond!

Koi Pond Design Consultation

We have extensive knowledge in pond water quality management, Koi keeping, general pond medications etc. A poorly completed project may be a disaster and a waste of your time and money!

Over the phone, we are glad to provide FREE ESTIMATES. We provide detailed design services when you arrange a site visit for our pond construction team. There is a modest fee for the above services.

Our On-Site Design consulting costs are affordable, and they are deducted from your contract price if you choose to have KJA&sons install your waterscape and ponds professionally.

On-site pond design consultations are a fantastic time and money investment. A competent waterscape designer from our company will walk you through the whole pond design and building process at the location where you wish to build your water feature.

Koi Pond Filters & Pump Selection.

Simple decisions made early in the design process of your pond can save you a lot of money.
Choosing the correct “Energy Efficient” pond pump for your project, for example, can help you save a lot of money on your monthly power bill.

Choosing the correct filter system for your project could mean the difference between your pond meeting or failing to reach your objectives.

When you book an on-site design consultation with us, we will send an expert koi pond engineer, not a salesman, to your site!

Pond Construction & Surface Coatings.

We have created numerous ponds and water features, such as vanishing pondless waterfalls and rock column fountains, and many custom fountains with granite and marble are our speciality.

You will be asked about your views and then informed about a variety of options for the construction of your water feature, as well as your future maintenance obligations and the distinctions in available pond construction methods and types of equipment.

The cost of any water feature varies based on the site you choose, the style of water feature that best meets your demands, and, of course, the equipment used during pond construction.

We will install the feature and provide recommendations based on your landscape and budget. Our little design consultation charge might save you hundreds of rupees. We want your koi pond or water feature to be a dazzling success story!

Koi Pond and Water Body Renovations

We take up renovation of koi fish pond and filter up-gradation. As a professional koi pond builder, we fix and redesign numerous ponds designed and handled poorly by other landscaping specialists each season.

During these past years, we have assisted hundreds of customers around the country each season in making the correct selections for their pond designs, selecting the necessary pond-building equipment, and even connecting them with skilled pond builders.

Your consultation will include an explanation of the distinctions between various water gardens and koi pond building installations, as well as rock column fountains and vanishing pondless waterfall systems.

Koi Pond Consultation

We provide the following services related to the koi pond and its upkeeping.

  • Koi Pond Design Consultation
  • Koi Pond Filters & Pump Selection.
  • Pond Construction & Surface Coatings.
  • Koi Pond and Water Body Renovations
  • and other services

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Our office hours are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may also reach us by phone at (+91) 9400726668.