Pond Odour Controller

Keeping your pond biologically balanced is easy – all you need is some natural bacteria, and you don’t have to worry about electricity, cleaning filters every day, or ugly aeration systems! Plus, there’s no need for chemicals. This will help keep it clean and odour-free!

Introduction: What is pond Odour & why is it a problem?

Foul odours are a common problem for water bodies. The root cause is often overlooked. The root cause of foul odours in ponds and water bodies can be easily identified. Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of spending hours trying to remove a pond odour with little success? Identifying the root cause of foul odours will help you eliminate them.

Well, there is an easy and inexpensive solution: use a pond odour controller. Our pond Odour controller methods are odour control chemicals that break down organic contaminants and sludges. Which is the root cause of foul odours in ponds and water bodies. This process eliminates the cause in just a few weeks or less.

Types of pond Odour controllers

The smell of a pond can be unpleasant and make enjoying the area difficult. There are a few ways to control the smell of a pond, but the most effective way is to use an Odour controller. Odour controllers work by dispersing calculated dosage of chemicals and bacteria that helps to clear the foul smell of ponds.

They are inexpensive, but they are often worth it if you want to enjoy your pond without having to worry about the smell. If you have a pond, you know that it can be a beautiful asset, but it can also be a source of unpleasant Odour.

The dosage depends upon the water parameters, water volume and biological load.

How do pond Odour controllers work?

Pond Odour Controllers help to decrease the amount of Odour that is released from a pond or pool. There are many types of Pond Odour Controllers on the market, Some common methods include using activated carbon, ozone generators, and ozonated water.

Benefits of Pond Odour Controller

  • Increase water clarity and improve water quality
  • Total Reduction in odour.
  • Increases settle-ability.
  • Reduction in BOD/COD/TSS levels.
  • Restores water quality.
  • Reduces hydrogen sulphide.
  • Contains no chemicals and hence environment friendly
  • Removes excess nutrients from the water.

Oswa B – 80

Oswa B-80 is a high-potency, microbial-laden formulation. Having billions of CFU/gram potency in Water Soluble Throw packs. Used for reducing excess ammonia and nitrites through the reduction of organic matter and Sludge (Muck) in Pond water and Pond Bottom.

Reduce Pond Sludge and Foul Odour & Improves Water Clarity and quality

Pack Size : (10 X 50 grams Water Soluble Pouches) or 10* 200 grams = 2000 gms Water Soluble Pouches.

  • Keep ponds and water gardens free of offensive Odours.
  • Controls pond bacteria that cause bad smells.
  • Prevents algae growth and sludge build-up.
  • Easy to use and requires no maintenance.
  • Safe for fish and plants.

Oswa B-80 improves water clarity by providing good settle ability, therefore, restoring the aesthetic quality of Ponds. This product is harmless to humans, birds, fish and plant life which is completely compatible with maintaining a natural ecological balance.

Potency: Over 2 Billion CFU/gram.


Initial Dosage for Old Ponds with heavy Sludge / Muck: 3 kgs (15 packs) per Acre every 15 days.
Maintenance: 2 kgs (10 packs) per Acre every 15 days.

Shipping: Anywhere in India

Foul odours are a common problem for water bodies. We can help you identify the root cause of foul odours and eliminate them.

Pond Odour Controller


If your pond smells bad, you don’t have to live with it. There are ways to solve the problem, and one of the most common is using odour controller bacteria packs. This self-dissolving through pouches helps reduce the smell of wastewater by trapping and breaking down organic material.

They come in different weights and can be directly thrown into the pond. They will self-dissolve slowly and in some days the foul smell problem will be no more.