Biofilter Media For Koi Ponds 

Koi fish are multi-coloured freshwater fishes that are simply gorgeous. They require high-quality water to survive in a pond. The only way to have a man-made pond function normally is to have a biomechanical filter with proper aeration.

We can build and install the necessary biofiltration systems for your pond according to its size and fish density. Our custom-built biofilters and mechanical filters are used in aquaculture, public aquariums, koi pond systems, etc.

Any filter must have good quality media distributed properly, for it to perform well. This promotes the attachment and growth of various bacteria. While the water flows through the system, the media remains in place. The substrate or media used to provide the surface area is the heart of these biofilters.

Some of the most efficient filter media are listed and discussed below.

Bacteria House

Bacteria House ceramic filter media is manufactured by heat-treating ceramic media for 60+ hours at 1300° C. This method of extreme heat conditioning breaks the inner bonds of the ceramic media and creates an exceptionally porous structure with a greater area for the colonisation of very large populations of bacteria within the expanded spaces.

Biofilter Media For Koi Ponds

It can also be used as a mechanical filtration medium. The highly porous characteristic of the media allows water to pass through without being obstructed. This, in turn, aids in the rapid entrapment and decomposition of big organic materials.

What are the qualities of bacteria house media?

  • Excellent for the cultivation of nitrifying bacteria.
  • pH Balancing.
  • Aid in the purification of water, decomposition of harmful substances, and adsorption of impurities.
  • Increases water clarity naturally
  • Emits FAR infrared rays allowing more oxygen to be dissolved in the water
Biofilter Media For Koi Ponds


  • It is normal for ceramic dust to accumulate on its surface after transportation.
  • Before the first use, it should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water.
  • If the bacteria house needs to be washed, do not use tap or boiled water after using it in the fish tank. Use the pond water itself.

Media Tube Bacteria House.

Biofilter Media For Koi Ponds

It is manufactured in a similar way to that of a media house filter. The only differences are in its shape and cross-section area. FAR infrared rays are emitted by the Bacteria House filter media, allowing increased levels of oxygen to dissolve in the pond water. FAR infrared rays, such as those produced by Bacteria House filter media and found in natural springs, have been shown to have significant health benefits.

Another advantage of the media is its ability to effectively de-gas koi pond water, which reduces the load on the bio-mass and makes the system use less KH than conventional filtration.

Pumice or Feather Light Stone.

Pumice is made up of extremely microvesicular glass pyroclastic with very thin igneous rock bubble walls. When volcanic gases dissolve in viscous magma, they generate bubbles. Pumice has a porosity of 64–85% by volume and can float for years on end before becoming saturated and sinking.

Pumice rafts flowed into the Indian Ocean for up to 20 years after the Krakatoa eruption, with tree trunks floating among them.

Black Filtration Foam

Biofilter Media For Koi Ponds

This biomechanical filter foam is the best to break down fish waste and fish feed leftovers. Its multi-porous design prevents clogs and gives bacteria plenty of surface area needed to adhere. The material comes in a variety of densities and thicknesses. It is durable and suitable for use in freshwater and marine water.

It can be cut into any size as per your need, also is lightweight and soft with excellent water permeability. Best to cultivate the required nitrifying bacteria for biological filtration. It can be reused again after cleaning. These foams may last up to several years before they are replaced.

Some of the other commonly used biofilter media are listed below.

  • Filter Carbon/super sticks
  • Ceramic stones
  • Lava Rocks
  • Bio Balls-Various sizes are available
  • K 1-Kaldens Media
  • K 5 media
  • Jap Mats
  • Matala Mats
  • Ceramic Rings

We can help you with your fish pond filtration needs by using our custom-built biomechanical filtering systems. We can also supply the required filter media in bulk at project rates.

We are an Indian-owned company based in Kerala and we provide a wide range of equipment and services. Get in touch with us to order yours today. To read more about Koi fish pond designs and koi fish pond filters, follow the link below. 

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