Water Blade Fountain For Pools And Ponds 

Water sheets are another name for cascading water blades. Water blades are an easy way to build a modern waterfall without streams or bowls.

They can be mounted on a wall or they can be free-standing. If this waterfall is installed correctly and coupled with the right pump, even at a max height of 1 meter water pattern will not be distorted. Water blades are typically installed on a wall or are stand-alone.

An LED light bar can be added to improve the aesthetics at night.

Qualities of Stainless Steel Water Blade

Stainless Steel water blades are built to last, always to provide a steady stream and relaxing waterfall sounds. These water sheets can transform your backyard, garden, or patio into a heavenly one. The built-in water fill device keeps the reservoir at a constant level of water.

These water sheet fountains can be installed on a wall or designed to stand alone with beautiful support. Water blades can be built to any size, ensuring that you get the right fountain for your space. You can have a small, sweet fountain or a large, commanding fountain: the choice is entirely yours!

Water blades are available in standard sizes of 30 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm, and 120cms. Sizes above 120 cm can be custom-built according to requirements. The average build time for a custom water feature is 1 to 2 weeks.

How to install a Water Blade Fountain For Pools And Ponds?

  1. Check that your wall is level and straight and that it is built properly to accommodate your water blade. Mounting the blade on top of the wall, within the wall in a cavity, or inside a channel, and cutting to fit your chosen size of water blade are all common installation methods.
  2. You may also want to clad or tile the front of the wall, in which case the depth of the material you will be using must be considered, as the lip of the water blade must sit proud of any tiling or cladding to prevent the flow of water from running down the face of the wall or being interrupted. The recommended minimum lip overhang is 30 cm or more.
  3. Water blades are available in a variety of sizes and widths. It is also classified as per its lip length. Water blades come in two lip lengths, the standard being 6 cm and the extended 12 cm. Our water sheet blades come with two water inlet connect points. You can easily choose at the site and switch between using either the bottom or rear connection point.
  4. Position the water blade on the wall centring the water reservoir at the bottom. Normally, the water reservoir is about 10-20 cm wider than your water blade. This is to avoid water loss due to splashing or spillage during high wind.
  5. The most important tool you should have is a bubble level or water level, by which the installation of the water blade should be done.
  6. Connect the supply line and do a function test of the water blade before it is set in place permanently.

Stainless steel internal baffle plates regulate and optimize the flow and speed of incoming water, allowing the water blades to always produce clean sheets of cascading water when turned on.

If you need more information on how to install water blade features, please get in touch with us. +91-9400726668 we are happy to help.

Water Blade Fountain For Pools And Ponds

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