Rotating Drum Filters For Koi Fish Pond

Rotating Drum Filters For Koi Fish Pond, Even though Drum filters are amazingly small in size, they can filter out huge volumes of water.

These are very simple devices that can give your koi fish pond excellent water clarity with much higher koi fish loads. These filters are suitable for high-density aquaculture and koi fish ponds.

Rotating Drum Filters For Koi Fish Pond

How Does a Drum Filter Work?

Automated pre-filters are drum filters. The water flows through a drum-shaped sieve after entering the drum filter through the inlet chamber. The drum filter has a 65-micron stainless steel screen that prevents waste particles larger than 0.065mm from passing through.

These waste particles will collect on the drum’s inner side, limiting the amount of clean water that flows through it. As a result, the water level within and outside the drum will change and in turn, initiate a drum-cleaning cycle. The rotating drum and powerful water spray dislodge dirt, carrying it to the drain for efficient cleaning.

Convertible as gravity or pump feed, our Drum filter models handle flows from 10m³ to 60m³ per hour. We have custom build models also which are capable of handling any design parameters.

Drum filter with Compact Moving bed filter.

A drum filter with a moving bed is the ideal blend of mechanical and biological filtering in one housing. Consequently, you can configure the volume of the moving bed module according to pond requirements.

But in general, it has a volume of 0.25M³ it can accommodate at least 100 litres of high SSA media and bio rings. Preferred media are Oc -1, K-5 or K 1 etc.

The moving bed module has a built-in rubber membrane aerator producing microbubbles. Consequently, these aid beneficial bacteria growth, neutralizing pond pollutants.

  • Low installation height.
  • MicroController unit for motor protection.
  • Inbuilt high-pressure pump with SS 304 cleaning nozzles.
  • Durable float and lid switch.
  • Suitable for both a pump-fed and a gravity-fed set-up.
  • 48 VDC motor.
  • Replaceable sieve elements are available.

The main body components, drum components, rear cleaning system, and electric control box make up the automatic rotary drum filter. Consequently, it’s built of non-toxic, corrosion-resistant materials, which are environmentally friendly.

Our filter screens, made from SS316, separate water’s suspended materials, ensuring durability and offering many years of smooth service life.

Water with suspended solids enters the drum from the main pond. Consequently, the stainless steel filter intercepts solids, and filtered water enters the reservoir.

Accumulated suspended solids in the drum reduce the filter screen’s water permeability, causing a rise in the water level. Consequently, the liquid-level automatic control system works.

At this time, the system automatically opens the back cleaning water pump and the drum motor simultaneously. The high-pressure water output from the back cleaning water pump cleans the rotary drum filter screen, and the cleaned suspended solids flow to the wastewater. Consequently, high-pressure water washing cleans collection tanks, and the discharge goes through the wastewater pipe to the drain or a water recovery system.

Rotating Drum Filters

The treatment capacity may be tailored to meet specific needs. Consequently, a bioreactor chamber can be added to provide additional filtration. Additionally, we can build a custom 3-stage filtration chamber with the help of high surface area filter media to achieve high treatment efficiency.

Filtration and sewage discharge could be performed at the same time, which does not affect or interrupt the normal use of the system. The bioreactor chamber helps in the dissolved organic matter from the culture pond so that the pond water parameters can be kept at ideal levels at all times.

We import and supply many types of set-ups of Drum filters according to the project requirements. Kindly contact us for more info and orders.