Pond Equipment’s

Ideal pond equipment is essential for creating a successful, natural-looking koi pond ecosystem.

If you’re not sure what equipment you’ll need for your pond, please contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process of pond equipment selection. We are your one-stop shop for pond equipment and chemicals!

If you intend to create a Koi pond or other water body on your property, you should make the most of it. To achieve the same, the pond must be well-planned and simple to manage.

Pond Equipments & Solutions

Kja & Sons provides a comprehensive variety of dependable, innovative solutions for the building and management of all sorts of ponds and swimming pools.

Our goal here is to focus on small, simple-to-install, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance equipment. Which will result in a clean, clear pond with outstanding pond water quality for you with minimal maintenance.

How to Choose the Right Pond Kit?

The first step in selecting a kit is determining the size of the pond you wish to construct. To choose the right koi pond kit you need to find the exact size and quantity of water it can hold.

The shape of your pond plays an important factor, simple shapes and sizes need basic pond equipment and vice versa. We provide a variety of kits for koi ponds of all sizes.

Pond Pumps

The heart of your filter system is the pond water pump, which pumps water through the different filtration systems. The pond pump not only powers the filtration system, which is essential for keeping your pond healthy, but it also allows for waterfalls, rivers, and streams.

The pump must be dependable enough to function 24 hours a day, seven days a week without failure or need for rest. It must also be energy efficient for the pump’s electricity bills to stay within acceptable limits.

Pond Filters

A good pond filter is essential for any type of Koi pond or water body.

Pond Filters account for clean, clear and healthy pond water. Pond filters clean pond water on a molecular level and is vital to maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Filters are classified according to their usage whether biological or mechanical filtration to keep ponds clean and clear.

The point to note is that filters should be easy to maintain, safe and compact. So you also save a lot of space and complete peace of mind!

We can offer you a wide range of various filter systems to ensure a clean and healthy pond. The popular types of filters are Rotating Drum filters, Multicyclone, Sieve Filter, Bead Filters, Bakki Shower Filters, Fleece Filters etc.

Biological Media

In addition to the filters, we can provide you with many types of biological media required for a bioreactor chamber for effective biofiltration.

  • Various types of Ceramic media,
  • Bio balls,
  • K 1,
  • K 5,
  • Oc-1,
  • Oc 3,
  • Beads,
  • Lava rock,
  • Carbon,
  • Clay balls Etc

Pond Skimmers

A skimmer is an important piece of equipment that should be included in any koi pond, swimming pond or water body construction. A pond skimmer collects floating waste from the pond’s top layer before it settles at the bottom and decomposes.

Skimmers are a sort of mechanical filter; common models include the Floating Skimmer with Pump, Inpond Standing Skimmer, Floating Skimmer with Basket, Pro series Skimmer, High water line SS skimmers, and so on.

UV Clarifiers

UV Clarifiers/Sterilizers remove single-celled algae that contribute towards murky green pond water by using focused UV light.

They are recommended on ponds that receive direct or indirect sunlight and must be combined with a quality biological filter for optimum water quality.

By lowering the biological load created by algae, UV-C decreases the maintenance of ponds and bio pools.


All of the live things in your pond require oxygen to survive. To avoid fish fatalities and algae growth, it’s critical to maintain the proper quantity of oxygen in your Koi Pond.

Aerators employ a diffuser to deliver oxygen into the pond water using an air pump. Aerators also help to mix the layers of water in a pond by forcing bubbles to rise from the bottom.

Pond Lights

Pond lighting transforms a dark and silent Koi pond into an attractive, almost mystical environment that provides security at night. You may highlight certain elements of your pond, such as fish, plants, walkways, or other places surrounding your pond, by strategically placing pond and water garden lights.

Bottom Drains

Bottom drains help to remove fish waste and organic matter from the pond’s bottom. The aerated pond drains and Anti Vortex pond bottom drains are the most commonly used types of pond bottom drains.
A bottom drain is usually part of a more complex filtration system that includes a pre-filter, vortex, or sediment chamber to remove particles from the water before it is transferred to the main filtration.

Pond Equipment

Valves, Fittings & NRVS

The selection of valves and fittings in koi ponds is crucial because they must be exceptionally heavy-duty and leakproof regardless of the conditions.

Do you need assistance identifying the fittings you’ll need to connect your pond equipment? Please contact us right away.

Chemicals & Additives For Pond Water Treatments

To get the most out of your pond, Koi pond, or bio pond, make sure the water is in good condition.

To keep your water in good condition, check your water values regularly and apply water treatment and water enhancement agents as needed.

We have a variety of items that can help you reach, restore, and maintain a natural water balance!