Skimmers for Swimming Pools and Fish Ponds

Skimmers for Swimming Pools and Fish Ponds.

Skimmers constitute essential equipment in the filtration of water in swimming pools and Koi fish ponds, playing a crucial role in maintaining cleanliness.

During the initial stages of pool or pond construction, people typically install skimmers.

The Role of Skimmers in Pond Filtration

In the pond filtration system, skimmers assume a vital role by effectively removing floating debris, including dust, pollen, insects, and leaves from your pool or pond.

Skimmers contribute significantly to reducing the filter’s workload while also safeguarding pool or pond pumps.

Without a pond skimmer, floating debris becomes waterlogged, settling at the pond or pool’s bottom. Consequently, over time, this debris decomposes, leading to increased algae growth within your pond.

The accumulation of decomposing debris at the pond or pool’s bottom, if left uncleared, adversely affects water quality and aesthetics.

BWT Skimmers – Quality from France

Procopi – BWT manufactures our skimmers in France at its state-of-the-art facility in Brittany, incorporating the latest technological innovations, ensuring guaranteed quality and reliability.

Skimmer Variants for Different Pool Types

We offer four variants of skimmers designed to cater to various types of pools:

  1. Liner Pools
  2. Traditional Reinforced Concrete Pools
  3. Panel Pools
  4. Polyester Pools

All Procopi skimmers are constructed from UV-resistant, pool-grade ABS material, available in a range of colours. Additionally, the skimmer lids feature a locking mechanism to prevent accidental opening, providing child safety.

Versatile Pool Skimmers

The modular design of the pool skimmers allows for the adjustment of the skimmer throat’s length, making it suitable for any pool type.

Skimmers for Swimming Pools and Fish Ponds

The Innovative Mirror Skimmer

The latest skimmer innovation is the mirror skimmer, designed for utmost discretion. It discreetly sits just beneath the coping, raising the water level to within 5cm of the coping.

Like other skimmer types, it efficiently skims the water’s surface, trapping large debris such as leaves, toys, and large insects.

Resolving Pond Water Issues

If you are dealing with a pond suffering from clogged, foul-smelling water or persistent algae problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via email or phone.

We are committed to restoring your pond’s crystal-clear water visibility and ensuring healthy water parameters. Consequently, our pool and Koi fish pond filtration services are available throughout India.