Surge Protection Devices (SPD)For Home And Office

Power surges are a major cause of the failure of electrical and electronic systems. Because every connected device is vulnerable to damage regardless of how large or small a power surge occurs.

Nowadays, almost everyone works from home. This is one of the most important items you will need to safeguard your devices.

What is a power surge, exactly?

A power surge represents an unexpected, temporary increase in electrical circuit current or voltage, which can degrade, harm or destroy sensitive electronic devices. Even when a device stops consuming power suddenly, the voltage in the distribution system rises and may be directed to another device, causing damage.

Power surges can destroy electronic circuits and components, which leads to logic failures and breakdowns. This can cause severe damage to electrical equipment and devices. Power-hungry equipment in homes and offices has been reported to create power spikes.

Therefore, it is best to hire a contractor who provides electrical engineering design services to implement the right surge protection measures for your appliances.

SPD also safeguards electrical equipment from high discharge current and operating voltage resulting from direct/indirect effects of lightning strikes.  A Surge protection device protects electronic parts and circuits by limiting transient over-voltages and diverting surge currents to the ground.

Some of the areas where it can be implemented are as follows.

  • AC/DC distribution
  • Power supplies
  • Industrial automation
  • Telecommunications
  • Motor controls and starter systems
  • Programmable logic controller (PLC) applications.
  • Power transfer equipment
  • HVAC Systems
  • AC drives
  • UPS systems
  • Security systems
  • IT/Datacenters
  • Medical equipment

What is the difference between Type 1 & 2 and Type 1+2 SPD?

  • Type -1 or Class-B SPD shields your equipment from both natural sources of power surges. Surges triggered by lightning are referred to as “natural causes.” 
  • Surge protection devices in the Type – 2 or Class C category will only protect you against switching surges. Surge voltages from a feeder transformer are examples of unnatural sources.
  • Type 1+2 or Class B+C SPD gives more importance to lightning-based surges.

Power adapters with built-in surge protectors typically shield sensitive devices like laptops from most surges. In the unlikely event of a class one or two surge, the adapter may die along with the surge, but the surge will stop there due to the way the adapter works.

A standard surge protection device has a response time of less than 1 nanosecond. The new surge protection device has a modular design, is DIN-rail mountable, has a no-fuse, fail-safe surge suppressor with a visual indicator, and has a small footprint.

Additionally, the critical control circuits can be monitored remotely using an optional remote indicator module. With a high short circuit rating with thermally shielded MOV, the modular surge protection device removes the need for additional overcurrent protection devices.

Surge Protection Devices (SPD)For Home And Office

Features Of Surge Protection Devices

  1. Easy installation or retrofit
  2. DIN-rail mountable
  3. Fail-safe, self-protected design
  4. Remote indicator (optional)
  5. Visual indicator
  6. IP20 finger-safe design
  7. Small footprint
  8. No additional overcurrent protection devices are required.
  9. Comes with a 2-year warranty

How can you prevent power surges?

  • Install a Whole-House Surge Protector. (Even if you have a whole-house surge protector, it is critical to provide additional protection for sensitive electronics like laptops and refrigerators.)
  • Surge protectors for cable lines and phone lines.
  • To protect computers and other electronic devices, use the correct UPS and power strips.
  • Upgrade your air conditioning system. Old air conditioners typically restart several times per day. When this occurs, the current in a building increases, increasing the possibility of a surge. New AC models are more energy-efficient, requiring far less power to operate. As a result, the excess current in circulation will be lower when they restart, lowering the likelihood of a surge.

Is it possible to add Surge Protection devices to your existing systems?

Yes, a small DNI Rail mountable cartridge module can easily integrate into any existing system without much trouble.

We deal with many recognized brands for our requirements of electrical products, switches and switchgear, energy savers, circuit breakers, human safety devices and surge protection devices.

Our electrical installation always uses a comprehensive range of lightning surge protection devices to protect your expensive equipment and save you money.

To keep your equipment safe, always use the best surge protector. If you require any additional information, please contact us; we are happy to assist you.

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