Cost of Electrical Works

The cost of electrical works utilizes electricity to illuminate homes, power industries, and drive technological advancements. Consequently, it blends art and science intricately.

Introduction: Electrical works

While the cost of electrical work is a consideration, it’s essential in modern life, from lighting and fueling electronics to ensuring safety in buildings and powering machinery for the economy. Delving into electrical work reveals its complexities, innovations, and vital importance, which underpins the modern age.

In Kerala, electrical labour costs are classified into two categories. They are determined either by the number of electrical points or, depending on the project’s scale, by the building’s plinth area.

The cost of electrical works involves various activities, including manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, and removing electrical equipment or wiring in a building.

Cost of Works


Please note that all the above rates apply to work within Ernakulam city limits. Extra charges are applied for work conducted outside these limits. Therefore, please notify us in advance of the site location for an accurate quotation.

Cost of Electrical Works When building a new home or renovating an existing one, plan for your present electrical needs and for what you may need in the future. Make sure that you have adequate power points and standard fittings.

Any person who carries out prescribed electrical work is required to hold a certificate of competency. Whenever you contact an electrical worker always check for his licence and experience in doing the job satisfactorily.

While the overall project is important, understanding the cost is crucial. In addition to complete electrical work, our electricians can provide individual pricing for parts like doorbells, switches, and ceiling fans. They can also work at a rate per square foot for new projects.

Though you have an initial cost estimate, a precise takeoff is recommended for a more accurate figure.