Balcony Handrails Work

Our experience is in creating and installing purpose-designed Balcony Handrails/guardrail systems and fall protection solutions for your home. We can create a fresh look that fits with the style of your home, or according to the CAD drawings given to us. 

One of the most important fall protection methods used in residential houses and commercial structures are safety stainless steel hand railing/guardrail systems. Contemporary exterior Balcony handrails or stair railings are constructed from high-quality 304 Grade 16 Gauge stainless steel, which is known and trusted for its strength.

Balcony Handrails Measurements

Many of our clients are aware of the safety of their children. We recommend for balconies with a fall height of more than 4m there must not be any horizontal or near horizontal elements between 150mm and 760mm above the floor that facilitate or encourage children to climb.

We have noticed that some of the houses/townhouses have verandahs upstairs with horizontal bars on them which are unsafe for children.

The Handrails Code

According to The International Residential Code, balcony railings are to be at least 36 to 40 inches high for homes i.e., 90 – 100 cm. and for commercial buildings, it is normally 42 or 48 inches. Most importantly the balcony handrail design should not have an opening which will allow a 125mm Ball or a child’s head to pass through.

Based on many years of experience in commercial and residential construction we can offer advice on a variety of styles, materials and finish options to suit your project requirements.

Our Handrails design sets out to strike the best balance between all user needs and other demands on an environment, including cost; And We deliver accurately and timely.

For balcony handrails, we prefer the combination of toughened Safety Glass with an interlinking rail connected to each pane of glass and to the building. Toughened glass is stronger and breaks in a safe manner compared to normal glass.

Therefore In the unlikely event of the glass breaking the glass will fracture into small safe fragments and the interlinking rail provides a barrier to minimise the risk of people falling.

Further technical support and information are available on request, contact us to know more.

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