Pergola | Pergolas Works With Glass

Pergola | Pergolas Works With Glass, In this modern age of architecture and the contemporary style of buildings, pergola designs play a very important role in improving the aesthetics of the building. 

People attach pergolas to buildings, and sometimes they detach them. Pergolas can be covered with roofing materials like glass and polycarbonate sheets. We can turn good ideas into great designs.

What are Pergolas?

Pergola | Pergolas Works With Glass, Pergolas are simple-framed roofed or un-roofed structures which are also often used as garden features. People sometimes construct pergolas attached to a building, or they can opt for a free-standing model, such as one made of natural stone.

You can create numerous styles with pergolas, using many material combinations to give them a distinct character. We offer different combinations of pergolas which can meet the specified budget without compromising the design aesthetic.

Using MS Square tubes and RHS is one of the cheapest ways to make pergolas. In the construction of pergolas, people widely use G I Tubes. These tubes are lightweight, allowing attachment to new or existing buildings anytime.

Smart Pergola Roof

We have done many prestigious projects including commercial projects and residential projects. We can deliver according to your design and interests. KJA&SONS can provide you with solutions for structural steel fabrication, Stairs, Pergolas and fire escape stairs.

We fully commit to maintaining the quality of materials used and delivering superior craftsmanship. By controlling design and manufacturing we can ensure the quality of every structure we create.

People can use pergolas for aesthetics, leisure, or for purposes such as creating structures for solar panels. We can engineer structures to support solar panel installation, conceal wiring, and maintain building aesthetics in various scenarios.

You can install pergolas in natural stone in gardens and patios. Please follow the link for more information.

For more details about the cost, model and any other information kindly get in touch with us we will be happy to help.