Civil Building Works

High Alumina Cement and Uses

High Alumina Cement

High Alumina Cement (HAC), also called calcium aluminate cement (CAC) or aluminous cement, stands out for its high alumina content as a specialized type. In contrast to ordinary Portland cement (OPC), HAC consists mainly of calcium aluminate compounds, not calcium silicates. This unique composition imparts specific properties to HAC, making it suitable for certain construction … Read more

AAC blocks and their Advantages?

What are AAC blocks and its Advantages?

AAC blocks and their Advantages?, AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) blocks are a popular and innovative building material used in construction. They are made from a mixture of sand, cement, lime, and aluminium powder, which undergoes a chemical reaction when mixed with water and air. This reaction creates millions of tiny air bubbles within the material, … Read more

Brick or Hollow Brick?

Brick or hollow bricks

Choosing between solid brick and hollow brick is a significant decision in the realm of construction, as it directly impacts the structural integrity, insulation, and overall aesthetics of a building. Consider project needs when choosing from options, each with unique advantages and considerations; make a decision accordingly. Solid Brick: Solid bricks are known for their … Read more

Swimming Pool Construction 

Swimming Pool Construction

Deciding to invest in a swimming pool is an exciting choice for any homeowner. A well-designed swimming pool can serve as a beautiful centrepiece for your property while offering endless leisure and exercise opportunities for your family. Swimming Pool Construction: Creating Your Oasis Matching Aesthetics to Your Villa One of the key considerations when constructing … Read more

Construction of Multi-Storied Apartment

Construction of Multi-Storied Apartment

Introduction In the heart of Thoppumpady, a bustling community in Kerala, a remarkable construction project took shape – the construction of a three-storied apartment with a plinth area of 129.80 square meters on the ground floor. This exceptional endeavour was commissioned for Mr Mohan Varghese, a visionary property owner with a commitment to quality and … Read more

Plastic Mesh Fencing Job

Plastic Mesh Fencing Project at KINFRA

Introduction In the heart of the KINFRA Industrial Estate, Nellad lies a site that recently underwent a remarkable transformation. What was once overgrown with trees and vegetation has now been given a new purpose, thanks to a dedicated team of workers. This article sheds light on the Plastic Mesh Fencing Project that took place just … Read more

Types of Building Demolition

Types of Building Demolition

Demolition refers to the destruction, tearing down, breaking up, and removal of entire parts of a building when the building has reached its end of life or during a renovation project. Demolition is deemed necessary if a structure has lost its structural stability or has structural problems. Demolition is often undertaken when the life of … Read more

Construction of 1st Floor of Existing Building

Construction of 1st Floor of Existing Building-

Introduction In the realm of construction projects, the successful completion of a job often reflects not only the dedication of those involved but also the quality of workmanship employed. Such is the case with the construction of the first floor of Building No: CC 15/60b, located at West Karuvelipady and owned by Pastor O. Thankachan. … Read more

Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial

Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial

Introduction A Comprehensive Overview of the Residential Building Construction for Mr. N. A. Danial by KJASons® In the heart of Chellanam Panchayath, nestled along the Pandikudy Chellanam Road, stands a remarkable residential building—Mr. N. A. Danial’s vision was brought to life by the skilled hands of KJASons®. With Building Number 287 and Inward Number 1 … Read more