Types of Building Demolition

Types of Building Demolition, Demolition refers to the destruction, tearing down, breaking up, and removal of entire parts of a building when the building has reached its end of life or during a renovation project.

Demolition is deemed necessary if a structure has lost its structural stability or has structural problems.

Demolition is often undertaken when the life of a building has expired or when a new structure is being built to replace an older one.

Important types of demolition techniques are listed and explained in detail below.

  • Non-Engineering Demolition ( Manual demolition)
  • Engineering Demolition1, Mechanical Method2, Implosion3, Deconstruction Method

Non-Engineering Demolition or Manual Demolition:

This approach is primarily used for demolishing tiny single or double-storey structures and may be performed by anyone experienced with a portable jackhammer.

Employ manual tools such as sledgehammers, crowbars, and drill machines for this purpose.

What is engineering demolition?

The next important type is engineering demolition which comprises many methods. From the more common wrecking ball method to the deliberate collapse method and pressure jetting.

Wrecking Ball

This method is much faster than non-engineering Demolition or Manual Demolition. Connect a heavy-duty crane to a steel sphere weighing between 500 to 1000kgs using wire rope at this location. Swing this massive steel sphere at the targeted building.

The mass and sheer force of the swing helped to break down the building.

Hydraulic Crusher

These are typically huge hydraulic jackhammers mounted on the boom arm of earthmovers. These tools effectively get the job done. Operate the hydraulic crusher silently from the ground outside the building.

Appropriate for hazardous structures, such as silos and other industrial facilities.

Pusher Arm Technique:

Only use the pusher arm approach on structures that are less than 15 meters tall. Typically, mount a hydraulically powered pusher arm machine on a tracked or wheeled chassis. This method is appropriate for minor brick structures.

At all times the machine should be stable and on level ground, with the pusher arm moving in a controlled manner to provide force.

Thermic Lace Technique

This method melts the reinforcing of concrete structures with ease. It’s the best tool for cutting concrete, special steel, cast steel, pig iron, slag, and refractory materials. The apparatus requires simply oxygen gas as a source of heat.

It requires proper planning and PPE for protection.

Hydrodemolition or Pressure Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is a precise and quiet alternative to conventional jackhammers, to cut and remove concrete slabs, beams, columns and similar hard surfaces.

Concrete Sawing Method

A large concrete saw blade, powered by a high source, facilitates quick demolition when used to demolish the structure. This large cutting machine is operated by trained professionals and is widely used in India.

It can do precise cuttings of the concrete structure which helps in renovation projects. Unlike other methods, it will not disturb the surrounding areas or cause cracks.

Expanding Grout method or Non-explosive Demolition

Drill several holes with a power drill at the pre-planned area of separation. Fill the hole with self-expanding slurry, a special material that typically expands upon contact with water. The expanded grout causes cracking on the structures and helps in the demolition process.

It is the most suitable method to use in environmentally sensitive areas. Using the above method can avoid noise, vibration, flying rocks from blasting, human discomfort, and structural damage caused by air blast pressure.

Types of Building Demolition


Destroy the building’s supporting framework at a critical point to make the structure unstable and cause it to crumble down. Once the building falls to the ground it is easy to break down into smaller pieces using hydraulic jacks.

Using high-power explosives strapped to a strategic point on the building’s structure achieves this implosion.

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