9 Types of Swimming Pool Water Features

9 Types of Swimming Pool Water Features, Swimming pools have become commonplace in residential flats, villas, and modern health centres. When designing your dream pool, incorporating beautiful water features can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary. There is a wide array of water features that can add uniqueness and luxury to your pool area.

These features can range from elaborate designs to simplicity, such as a water blade in a stone wall. From infinity edges to rain curtains, water features have the potential to greatly enhance the beauty of your outdoor living space. When collaborating with our swimming pool designers to create your ideal pool, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate these features into your design.

Swimming Pool Water Features

Here’s a list of some cool features and accessories you can consider for your pool:

Swimming Pool Water Features
  1. Negative edges or Infinity Pools
  2. Countercurrent swim
  3. Fountains – Vessel Fountain
  4. Wall spring and rain showers
  5. Built-in barstools inside the pool
  6. Floor bubbler / Fun square with Jacuzzi Jets and Air
  7. Cascade – Natural Waterfall / Sheer waterfall
  8. Underwater Speakers
  9. LED Underwater pool lights
  10. Relaxing Pool chair with a Canopy and pergolas
  11. Stainless Steel Ladders
  12. Ozone System
  13. Saltwater chlorination system
  14. Inverter Heat pumps
  15. Automatic and Manually operated Swimming Pool Covers
  16. Robotic Cleaners
  17. Variable Speed Pumps
  18. Rollers
  19. Gazebo, Cabanas, & Patios
  20. Solar showers
  21. Deck Jets

Types of Water Features

Swimming Pool Water Features

Let’s delve into more detail about some common types of water features. Keep in mind that it’s advisable to consult a professional to ensure compatibility and feasibility with your pool design, as certain features may not suit every layout. With the right choices, you can create a resort-style ambience in your own backyard.

The cost of water features can vary widely, depending on their size, complexity, and additional accessories you choose to include in your swimming pool project.

1) Fountain: Fountains come in a wide range of forms and types, from overflow to floating fountains with jets.

2) Waterfall: Waterfalls are a popular choice for poolside features, often constructed using rocks or stones for a natural look.

Swimming Pool Water Features

3) Statuary or Sconce: These components attach to pool walls, with narrow streams of water flowing from them, available in various shapes and designs, and they are beautiful.

4) Cascade Wall: A common choice, people typically place cascade walls of different lengths on decorative walls near the pool.

5) Rain Curtain: For party pools, rain curtains can be installed on pergola-like structures, creating a rain effect over the pool.

Swimming Pool Water Features

6) Scupper: Scuppers are openings attached to walls or pedestals near the pool, offering a unique water feature.

7) Bubblers: These small jets in the pool’s shallow surface expel adjustable streams of bubbling water.

8) Spillover Spa: Built above the pool level, a spillover spa serves as both a spa and a water feature, as it overflows into the main pool.

Swimming Pool Water Features

9) Laminar Jets: Often referred to as pencil or deck jets, these features shoot a fine stream of water into the pool and can be combined with LED lights for added visual appeal.

10) Slides: Slides are a fun addition to a pool but require careful planning to ensure safety. They can be cast into rock columns or stand-alone structures.

Swimming Pool Water Features

Some of the most sought-after swimming pool water features include natural waterfalls, fountains, laminar jets, countercurrent thread mills, pool lighting, automatic robotic cleaners, pool covers, solar showers, and more.

A well-designed water feature can capture your attention and transform your pool area with its soothing sounds. At KJA & Sons®, we’ve grown to be one of South India’s leading water feature specialists, with numerous successful commercial and residential projects. Trust us to create the perfect water feature for your swimming pool, enhancing the value of your property.

For your dream pool or swimming pool water features project, contact us today through our website or call us at +91-9400726668. With our wealth of experience, we can recommend the best focal points to elevate your outdoor living area and swimming pool to new heights.